A very delicate moment, which then resulted in a fun moment of joy, with Giucas Casella at the center . The GF Vip also knows how to surprise, sometimes with unexpected moments. This was the case of Valeria Perilli , partner of the competitor of the reality show and well-known voice actress of Sex and The City, in particular of the character of Miranda . Who is Valeria Perilli
A love that has always lasted, the one between Valeria Perilli and Giucas Casella , to the point of feeling like husband and wife. However, she is not only the companion of the well-known TV “illusionist” but also a woman with an important career behind her. She is indeed a famous voice actress and is the voice of Mirandain Sex and The City, as well as Lalla , Francesca Cacace’s best friend in La Tata.
Not only. She was also a TV face, playing the role of Miss good evening on Rai – just like the unforgettable Nicoletta Orsomando – from 7 May 1994 to January 1991 at the Rome studios. A character of great value who, however, has been working behind the scenes for some time. It was therefore a pleasure to see her face on Canale5 and to come into direct contact with her sympathy for her, which involved all the competitors of the House. The love story with Giucas Casella
The couple has been together for many years, about 40. Valeria Perilli raised James, son of Giucas and Carol Torr, as if he were her own son. The two lived their love away from the spotlight, just as Pippo Baudo had suggested to Casella. They came out in the open in 2018, on Sunday Live, on the occasion of which she asked her to marry him after 38 years of engagement: “You know I’m not a great speaker. Thank you for the love you gave to me and James, for helping me raise him and make him a man . Ours is a love that has overcome the barriers of time, which is why I decided to take an important step. Will you marry me
Valeria’s words, spoken in the garden of the Big Brother House, amazedGiucas and also those present: “I wanted you to feel free to bring out all your memories, I wanted you to feel free to move in this house without the shadow of my presence and my judgment. You know that I will be beside you everything that happens , for better or for worse. 41 years have passed and I intend to keep what I call our covenant of love. I have always accepted your nature which does not include chains and nooses around your neck, because you are a wild bird, who loves to return to his nest when he wishes, knowing that he is willing to welcome it “.
And he continued: “But you are also a lone bird, shy, introverted, melancholy and silent. I know what your fears were to become part of this adventure, I know with what fear you accepted. Yet, despite the ailments you are still here, giving joy and lightheartedness, arousing sympathy “.
The entry of Valeria Perilli, who is curiously the voice of Miranda in Sex and The City and And Just Like That, has given us back a completely different Giucas Casella, in love and capable of great (and lasting) feelings.
Giucas Casella and his partner Valeria Perilli

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