The three days of Giancarlo Giorgetti , Minister of Economic Development and Federal Deputy Secretary of the Lega, in the United States, opens in the American morning (Italian afternoon) with a visit to the Moderna plants . The trip is designed to confirm the turning point undertaken by Italy after the two Conte governments. As the American magazine Foreign Affairs wrote, “by aligning its policies with US and European priorities, Italy has made clear its position in the emerging technological competition between China and the West”. THE LINK WITH THE USA
As we pointed out on in recent days (first here, after here), Giorgetti has always maintained a direct relationship with the United States: first as undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi during the Conte I government when, and at the White House there was Donald Trump , was dealing with hot dossiers such as 5G and Golden power; then as a bridge between Matteo Salvini ‘s League struck by investigations on alleged funds from Russia and the American establishment; finally, as a minister of the government of broad agreements led by Mario Draghi , whose relationship with Joe Biden ‘s administration is known and solid (as well as that between the minister and the prime minister). THURSDAY IN BOSTON
The visit to the Boston headquarters of the pharmaceutical giant follows a meeting in July at the Mise between Giorgetti and General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, extraordinary commissioner for anti Covid measures, on the one hand and two vice presidents of the company, Nicolas Chornet and Said Francis , on the other. After Moderna, the minister will move to Harvard Business School for a visit to the campus and for the awarding of the Italian startups chosen as part of the Harvard Business School and Bocconi University B4i project, with Professor Gianmarco Verona, rector of the Milanese university. Then the meeting with the Italian representatives of the business world, startups, the community. In the afternoon, however, Minister Giorgetti will be at the State House to meet Charlie Baker , governor of the state of Massachusetts. Baker, as we told in recent days on, is an exponent of the moderate wing of the Republican Party, who enjoys a wide and widespread consensus in the State, so much so that he thinks of running for a third term, in open clash with the former president and reference of the sovereign world Trump. FRIDAY IN WASHINGTON On
Friday the minister will be in Washington for the opening of the meeting of the Italian System in the United States and will have two meetings with the Biden administration: the first with Isabel Guzman, director of the Small Business Agency; the second with Gina Raimondo , Secretary of Commerce who participated in the recent inauguration of the Council on Trade and Technology launched by the United States and the European Union to work together against the Chinese rise in those sectors. After a press point at the Italian embassy, ​​Minister Giorgetti will meet the National Economic Council of the White House and visit Lockheed Martin, a leading company in the aerospace and defense sector. SATURDAY THE NIAF GALA
Saturday will open with a visit to Arlington cemetery and continue with a meeting with Ambassador Mariangela Zappiaat Villa Firenze, the residence of Italy in Washington, with some US think tanks. It will end with the gala evening of the National Italian American Foundation. Four hundred invitations. Among these, according to what is learned on the Niaf website, also the singer Tony Bennett , the actor Stanley Tucci , the screenwriter Enrico Casarosa , the CEO of Fincantieri Giuseppe Bono and John Silvestri , number one of Jefferson Health New Jersey.

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