The Ginseng
plant is native to Northwest Asia, where it is still widespread today, especially in Korea, North China and Eastern Siberia, but it can also be found in some areas of North America. It is a plant that by its nature prefers humid and cold climates, but the species from which the most widely used extract is obtained today is of Vietnamese origin. It owes its name to the Chinese language, which translated literally means “man’s plant”, as its root recalls the shapes of the human body. Its benefits were not a mystery even to Europeans, in fact its Latin name is Panax, or the “panacea”, a remedy for all ills. What are the main benefits for the body

An exotic remedy
Ginseng root was used abundantly in traditional Chinese medicine, while in the West it was perceived as an exotic plant with aphrodisiac effects, capable of toning muscle tissue and energizing the body. Its rarity and the difficulties encountered by European traders in tracing it, made it a highly sought-after plant at the beginning of the last century, even paid up to nine times its equivalent weight in silver. Ginseng roots contain large quantities of Ginsenosides , active ingredients that make this plant unique in its kind.

The benefits of Ginseng for your body

  1. Strengthens the resistance of the organism

Thanks to its tonic-adaptogen effect , Ginseng is particularly effective in countering the effects of mental and physical stress, significantly reducing the possibility of contracting inflammation and infection, strengthening the body and its immune response.

  1. Reduces convalescence

The invigorating effect of Ginseng is also manifested in the response of our body in convalescence, reducing the pain and feelings of fatigue typical of the post-illness phase, as well as speeding up physical recovery.

  1. Combats fatigue

The most important property of Ginseng is to energize our body . In fact, similar to caffeine, the root has exciting and stimulating effects not only on the brain, but also and above all on the physical level.

  1. Fights stress

Among the lesser known properties there is also the ability to regularize our mood . In fact, Ginseng reduces the effects of psychophysical stress , granting the mind the well-being necessary to eliminate sleep disorders.

  1. Helps to lose weight

Ginseng stimulates weight loss thanks to a double effect. On the one hand , it accelerates the metabolism (especially that of carbohydrates) , reducing the intake of accumulated calories and the advantage of calories burned. On the other hand, Ginseng, being a tonic and an energizer, is an excellent physical stimulant that induces the body to burn more calories.

How to take Ginseng
In oriental cuisine , Ginseng is often used to season and flavor soups . But it can also be used as a flavoring for jams and other sauces. Its dry extract can be used for herbal teas or as an ingredient for specific natural supplementscounteract physical and mental fatigue .
It is advisable to take Ginseng in the morning , because being an exciting, if taken in the evening there is the risk of delaying the moment of falling asleep .

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