Much is said these days about which are the most trendy haircuts of the fall . What if the collarbone cut is the most requested in hairdressers, what if the return of the mullet is imminent… But little is said about what really matters in hair trends: what is the most trending hair color of this fall 2021 . We know that, in relation to autumn hairstyles, the 70s trends have been going quite strong, but do the seventies reminiscences influence hair color

The truth is that not because, of all the shades that could be worn this autumn 2021 , the mark the roadmap is the ginger peach. It is a hair color that drinks from reddish tones and that is the one that has conquered celebrities and beauty salons. So much so, that ginger peach has become the hair color that invites you to experiment (and get it right) this autumn 2021.
You have probably already seen a celebrity show off their hair with a ginger peach (Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain are the great ambassadors), but you have never noticed this hair color or been curious to see how it looks on your hair. As we are going to tell you everything you need to know about ginger pecah, the most trending color of this autumn 2021, it is likely that you will finish the article by making an appointment at the hairdresser to try this very flattering shade.
The ginger peach is a mahogany tone with coppery nuances and not as golden as those that have been worn so far. A color with a 3D effect that is achieved thanks to the application of very subtle highlights that intertwine and provide movement and lightness (remember the ombre coloring technique
It is a hue that once again confirms that copper tones arrived some time ago to stay and that can be much more flattering than the much-demanded blonde tones.If you want a mane with personality, it is time to experiment (and get it right) with a ginger peach, the hair color that alreadyIt is a trend more than confirmed this autumn 2021 .

What is ginger peach hair color

Unlike other coloring techniques, ginger peach is an ombre that uses light brown, reddish and peach tones to create shine and sparkles in the hair. This coloration presents many variations, in addition to the possibility of mixing between these three colors. When choosing the shades with which to get the ginger peach, it is important to bet on those that are more consistent with those of the hair and skin itself so that the final result is as natural as possible.
In this sense, the technique to use is the ombre, which is a coloring technique of French origin that seekscreate shadows, lights and contrasts in a subtle way . We start working with darker shades in the root area and, as we go down towards the ends, we create more luminous highlights. The key is to choose shades similar to the natural color of the root so that the blend between colors is subtle. Unlike the balayage technique, the ombre effect is much more subtle and that is why the fusion of the different colors is not so visible in the ginger peach.

Who favors ginger peach hair color

Although reddish tonesThey have always been associated with fair-skinned women, this mix of colors is suitable for all skin types and styles. Although, the ones that best boast of ginger peach are those women with light skin and greenish eyes (hence the great champions are Emma Stone or Jessica Chastain ). Of all the coloring options and techniques, ginger peach is the best color to show off shiny hair and add light to your face.

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