Although he tried to keep this love story as far as possible from the spotlight, now Gigi D’Alessio is no longer hiding: he and Denise are very much in love, and will soon become parents. Until now, the singer had preferred to keep silent, but in the past few hours he has released some statements about his girlfriend. And it is not difficult to read a little dig at Anna Tatangelo between the lines . Gigi D’Alessio, the first words for Denise
Gigi D’Alessio is experiencing a magical moment: he has a relationship that is going well, he is about to become pope for the fifth time and, in the professional sphere, the satisfactions follow one another quickly. Intercepted at the airport on his way to Milan, the singer released some statements to Novella 2000. These are his first words about Denise Esposito, the young Neapolitan who stole his heart. Student and aspiring lawyer, with her beauty and her intelligence she was able to win him over. And today she is pregnant .
“I become the pope of my fifth childin January “- he declared with a touch of emotion -” Denise is a very sweet girl, we live together and we are happy in Rome. She also accompanies me to Milan, where I am recording The Voice Senior ”. For her he lost his mind, in love with her like never before: “I am very happy with my life with Denise, because unlike many other people she absolutely does not want to appear. He is happy with her life and very reluctant to meet journalists and photographers . She is very reserved and since I am a showman and an artist, I really appreciate this confidentiality and this not wanting to appear where perhaps others have wanted it “.
Impossible not to read a dig in these wordsfor his historic ex. That hers is a veiled accusation against Anna Tatangelo of having always loved the notoriety
Of course, the singer has never shown herself disrespectful towards Gigi D’Alessio, even in the most delicate moments of their relationship – or in the period in which they drifted apart. Even after the final breakup, she had maintained an enviable composure (also for the sake of their child, Andrea). However, in a long outburst to Verissimo she had declared herself disappointed at having learned only from the newspapers that Gigi was about to become pope again. Gigi D’Alessio, love for Denise
Denise only met the Neapolitan singer in the summer of 2020, when he participated in one of his shows in Capri. It seems that between the two it wasa real love at first sight , so much so that only a few months passed before they both made the introductions to the family. Gigi D’Alessio, perhaps tired of the many chatter that he has always had to endure about his love life, this time he had decided not to immediately discover his cards. Indeed, for a long time he managed to protect his love affair with young Denise.
Slowly, however, the first social photos appeared . And her tummy could no longer be hidden: in a short time the singer will welcome her fifth child with joy, and now it was time to come out into the open. His first words to Denise are very tender, a sign of a love that has overwhelmed him unexpectedly.

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