Telecinco has just reinvented its reality show by putting couples and trios in the shoebox that suspect conflicts on a daily basis, confrontations that will lead to multiple cannons and we intuit that also cornupet seductions and the most varied temptations.
Again, two nights and another of debate, I was wrong in Divinity and Be Mad and many hours to fatten Salvame, Ana Rosa’s program and Viva la vida. It is Mediaset’s audiovisual business concept. Four is also added and Risto Mejide ‘s Everything is a Lie ends up being another Jorge Javier-type chatterbox with a skeptical veneer for a chain that is running out of news. With GH Duo and his daily fights (there will be) Risto intends to assaultZapeando after copying his formula and forms in his new desktop program.
There are couples who are already fighting like the invincible Sofia Suescun, who is going for the triple crown in this new fight for survival, and who will face an ex who, like the waves, will go and return to infinity, Alejandro Albala. Kiko Rivera arrives with kilos of less and tasteful of more with the very new Irene Rosales, key. The couple of potatoes, who wants edredroning boss, who has already been seen with Antonio Tejada, so set in the tronista world, and his current love, Carolina Acevedo.
And there is the return to the past, to the time of the Hotel Glam, with Juan Miguel, Karina’s ex and hair tamer, who returns to live with Yurena (that Tamara from Don’t change), as if time hadn’t changed us. They have met again somewhat distant, for her, but Juan Miguel, with a blow in the first test on Tuesday, is ready for anything. The circus presenter aspect of him is halfway between El Cigala and El Sevilla. But with a worse face. Still.
If it’s because of bad taste and a bad atmosphere, a menage a trois : that of Maria Jesus Ruiz, the young Julio Ruz and Carolina Sobe, who are
two exes and a current couple, although it doesn’t matter what they are. They are there to catch fire.
There is also another trio, aimed at millennialsbred to the breasts of the tronistas: the shore Ylenia, who has finally entered Guadalix, an ex-love named Fede and known at lunchtime in Mujeres y Hombres and the girlfriend that Fede exchanged for her, a certain Raquel.
To top it off, a really pure wink. Another VIP (VIP of GH VIP), the rocker Fortu, survivor with Obus, has entered with his wife Yoli. A couple that even by their appearance seems quite normal within the fauna that has inhabited the house since Tuesday. Tonight, more.

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