Getting your driver’s license was a slow and expensive process until recently. Currently, the driving school sector has taken a step forward in innovation and new models of access to the coveted driving license have emerged , without the need to follow the traditional steps.
The neighborhood driving schools, with their tables, blackboards and traffic signs, have become obsolete and it is the digital driving schools that have renewed the concept of accessing the coveted permit.
From preparing the theoretical exam to booking practical classes, going through the exam paperwork, everything can be done from home .

Theoretical classes
These new driving schools have 100% digital content and offer the user a completely online experience. Through applications or webapps, the student will be able to have access to all the didactic material necessary to carry out the exam, that is, the subject matter, practical tests, tutorial videos…
In this way, the opponent will not have time limitations and you can review the concepts as many times as you need , simply with a simple Internet connection. From anywhere, with a smartphone, tablet or computer , it will be possible to prepare the content.
In addition, most of the time it is possible to download content, so you can go to the material without even being connected. The only obligation will be to go to the DGT offices on the day of the exam.
Digital driving schools also use e-learning tools to adapt to the rhythm of each one . And, of course, even if there is no physical establishment, there are people. Normally, they have teams of counselors available to the student for queries and doubts.

Practical classes

For the second step of accessing the permit, digital driving schools also have advances with respect to the traditional method. Digital driving schools have online platforms to buy and book practical classes .
And not only book, from that platform the meeting point will be set where the teacher will go with the vehicle to start the class , once paid and reserved.

Prices and procedures

In this sense, digital driving schools can mean spending up to 10 times less than with traditional methods.
In addition to cost savings in theory classes, for example, digital driving schools do not usually charge for administrative procedures to access the different exams and considerably facilitate the entire process, as they do not require any paperwork.

Requirements to get the license

With all this, the only requirements necessary to get the driver’s license B, the most common of the permits, will be those set by law:
Being a resident in Spain .
Not be deprived by judicial resolution of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds, nor be subject to suspension or administrative intervention.

Possess the required psychophysical aptitudes (there are special permits for people with disabilities).

Be of legal age , currently stipulated at 18 years.

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