What is gel nail reconstruction and how to do it
? It is a treatment required above all by those who have broken, damaged or flaking nails. The reconstruction of the toenails with gel is required when the nails are damaged, broken or flaking, but also to show off more beautiful and fashionable hands.
There are several methods for making gel reconstruction. If your nails are healthy and regular, just apply a simple long-lasting colored gel, choosing from the trendiest colors of the moment. If, on the other hand, the hands have obvious defects, they have breaks due to trauma and problems in growth, the experts recommend making an accurate reconstruction with the gel.Gel nails reconstruction: what it is, how it works and why to do it
The hands are a particularly exposed part of the body . They are used for cleaning, washing dishes and other jobs that could jeopardize the sealing of gel nails , especially when they come into contact with particular chemicals.
For this reason it is important to carefully prepare the nails to ensure that the treatment has a good hold. To make the gel adhere to the nail surface you will first need an acid primer, able to opacify the nail and eliminate residues of dust, grease and sweat. The second step in the preparation will be an antifungal in spray, to be applied to avoid the birth of fungi and lifting of the gel due to water and sweat.
How does gel nail reconstruction work?
The technique involves the use of an odorless and viscous material , which is worked directly on the fingers by an expert. Then the product is made to harden thanks to the rays of a LED or UV lamp. Photo-polymerization is also used in the case of semi-permanent nail polish, making the gel practical to use, because it allows you to model it until it is completely hardened. The result is shiny and luminous nails , which stand out by appearing very natural.Gel nails reconstruction: the techniques to achieve
it Nail reconstruction involves different techniques. The main ones are those in tips, with silk or with papers . The choice of the method to be used is dictated by various factors. First of all, the conformation of natural nails, which can be long or short, with damaged or nibbled foil.
Another element to consider are the habits and any preferences of those who choose to undergo nail reconstruction. The first type, for example, is not suitable for those who, for work and every day, find themselves having to use their hands often. We are talking, for example, of cleaning women, but also of those who work in the office and use the computer. The microtraumas caused to the fingers could in fact cause the anticipated breaking of the nails and give a lot of discomfort. This is due to the fact that the tips are not very adaptable.
Reconstruction with papers is recommended above all to improve the shape of some nails or to fix chipped corners. The nail tip is shaped by hand by the expert using the gel and with the help of a disposable paper. The area is treated with the gel, then the paper is placed under the free edge, in this way it will be possible to create a part of the nail only with the product. Once the application is finished it polymerizes,the paper is removed and the free edge in gel is filed.
Reconstruction with silk is one of the latest techniques used for gel reconstruction . These are special adhesive silk strips that are cut according to the size of the nail to be treated.
The procedure is very simple . First the real nail is filed, then the tip or the paper is applied using glue or alternatively a strip of adhesive silk. The material is dried under a lamp, then a primer or a pregel is applied .
The hand is put under the UV lamp again. Finally, a professional in the sector will apply the first coat of gel, making it dry for five minutes under the appropriate tool. When the material is dry, you can complete the work by passing another layer of colored gel and finally a coat of transparent product.

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