How many times have you interrupted a dinner in your garden because of mosquitoes
Even one is enough to ruin the evening, especially if couples with children are also invited, who suddenly find themselves crying due to the bite.
Now that summer is approaching, you would like to finally free your spaces from annoying insects, without having to resort to sprays and ointments to spread on the body. Are you looking for an effective anti-mosquito system for the garden
The market offers numerous alternatives that work discreetly and eliminate the problem in total safety. How garden anti-mosquito systems work
First of all, thanks to sector research, anti-mosquito systemsthey are more effective and less intrusive than in the past. They can be installed anywhere in the garden and, thanks to their small size, they are hidden so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the environment. That is why they are also an excellent idea for the outdoor areas of hotels, restaurants, tourist villages, sports facilities and other activities. Furthermore, they are completely customizable: usually a consultant visits the home and studies how to install the system based on the customer’s needs and the size of the environment.
The plant can be installed on walls, hedges, bushes and railings. It consists of several nebulizers, controlled by a control unit, which spread a controlled dose of product. The substances and systems used to eliminate mosquitoesvary according to different criteria. For example, we know that mosquitoes are attracted to the smells of substances produced by the human body, so some systems nebulize carbon dioxide into the air simulating the presence of humans. The mosquito enters the garden, smells the carbon dioxide and approaches its source. However, an aspirator is installed in the appliance to capture it. This system then acts as an attractor of mosquitoes in the garden.
Source: Getty Image Mosquito systems are safe and effective for all mosquitoes
Other solutions, on the other hand, spray naturally repellent substances against mosquitoes , harmless to adults, children, pets and other important insects such as bees and butterflies. Some unwanted guests, such as spiders and flies, are annoyed and turn away. The plants are able to eliminate mosquitoes , from the famous tiger mosquito to the culex pipens, the aedes koreicus and in general all those widespread in Italy and Europe. Mosquitoes make short flights, often settle on the foliage or grass of the meadows and are inevitably reached by the product. Which anti-mosquito system to buy
In short, finally there is the definitive solution to the problem of mosquitoes in the garden . Among the different products available on the market, iZanz stands out, a completely customizable system that uses natural pyrethrum, an insecticide extracted from the African daisy ideal for the elimination of mosquitoes and sand flies, while disturbing and keeping away hornets and other annoying insects. The plant sprays 100 times less insecticide into the environment than a traditional coaster or electric radiator that operates in the 16/18 square meters around them. The result is guaranteed and allows you to finally experience your garden without the nightmare of mosquitoes. And above all without breathing insecticides.
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