Beautiful and functional, they perfectly combine elegance and practicality, are the outdoor furniture. Refined objects designed to satisfy every style and need.
In the hottest seasons of the year, the “theme” of outdoor spaces and garden and terrace furnishings returns , environments that thus come back to life and become real open-air lounges, to be the envy of larger environments. indoor. The days are getting longer and more sunny and having an outdoor space in which to rest in the shade in the afternoon or to welcome friends for pleasant evenings with friends definitely adds an extra touch to the house.
But what is needed today to furnish,
Bright colors, a relaxation area that does not make you regret the living room, practical and functional solutions and a little of your personal taste can be the right elements to start from. The garden living room The living room moves outdoors and sofas, poufs, day beds and armchairs with comfortable seats become indispensable, which are more than ever the heart of outdoor environments and the center of gravity for perfect relaxation; for this reason they should be chosen with great care. The new living areas in the garden are, in fact, more than ever thought of, given the very high quality of the outdoor furniture, like the indoor lounges, too hot to live in the summer, composed with pieces that are divided between small furnishing accessories, upholstered pieces of various sizes and inevitable mood lights, offer convivial and versatile situations perfect for gardens of all kinds, large terraces and wide borders pool. The trend in garden furniture is to mix colors and surfaces , creating perfect mix & match between lacquered surfaces and raw wood or wicker, all harmonized by high quality fabrics, linen, cotton and even silk for cushions, blankets and rugs.
Thinking about garden furniture, we must not forget that aesthetics must always go hand in hand with functionality. In fact, in outdoor furniture, it is always necessary to focus on pieces that are beautiful but above all functional, made with components resistant to atmospheric agents and designed with due precautions.
In fact, outdoor furniture, unlike indoor furniture, should be light and easy to move in order to be moved and stored with great manageability and equipped with studied mechanisms to close or lengthen them. These are features not to be overlooked because they can really make a difference when designing or even just reorganizing an en plain air environment. The modern garden furniture is designed according to the logic of flexibility, comfort and resistance and the open spaces become more and more an appendage of the house to be lived in full freedom.Lighting and cover: two essential elements of garden furniture
In the hottest hours it is really essential that our outdoor living room is well shaded to guarantee maximum comfort, but also in the evening, to protect privacy and protect us from humidity coverage matters. The most practical solution to give shade to our garden living is an umbrella : there are variable materials and sizes, the essential is that it is resistant, resealable, to better manage the spaces, and in a style in line with what we have chosen for the rest of the outdoor furniture.
Alternatively, if we have a larger space available, we can install a wooden gazebo, perhaps with creepers, or in fabric with a metal structure for a decidedly more elegant solution. Lighting is also important because it creates the right atmosphere and, above all, makes the garden livable even in the evening. Lanterns on the ground , scattered here and there, can be the right idea if we do not have an electrical system that reaches the external area of ​​our house, in this case we could choose, therefore, solar-powered rechargeable LED lights but also candles. scented.
If, on the other hand, we want to do things big and guarantee maximum lighting, we can opt for floor or wall spotlights , which create a sophisticated scenic effect, or for somelampposts, of various sizes, which will make an excellent light on our living area in the garden . Garden colors
Once dominated by neutral shades of beige and wood, in recent years, outdoor furniture has completely opened up to the universe of color.
The perfect garden colors are those that make us feel most at ease and blend with the tones of nature. Green light, therefore, for vitamin tints, including pink, yellow, orange and turquoise.
Here on the garden furniture such as poufs, tables and armchairs we see cushions and carpets appear with bright strokes of colorthat bring all the warmth and liveliness of the sunny Caribbean lands, invaded by the brilliance of the vegetation. A choice, that of bright colors, much loved and pursued also thanks to the new high-performance materials and less and less sensitive photos. Components (synthetic and non-synthetic) that make it possible to use brighter and brighter colors without worrying about color changes caused by the sun and / or atmospheric agents.
If, on the other hand, we prefer a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, it is better to choose pastel tones for the outdoor furniture , lighter and more delicate, on lilac and blue but also a lot of white to broaden the perception of space and let the gaze. Attention to sustainability in garden furnitureEven in outdoor furniture, attention to the sustainability of materials is an increasingly important factor in the choice.
There are garden furniture, benches, tables, chairs and armchairs on the market made of recycled plastic and processed in order to be made extremely flexible and functional , but also in wood from low environmental impact crops.
If you delight in DIY, garden furniture becomes even greener with the recycling of materials and objects that literally take a new life: industrial wooden pallets which, properly worked, polished and painted, become splendid seats enriched with colored cushions, or walls equipped to grow kitchen spices and herbs, but also glass jars that become lamps and lanterns to be used to illuminate balconies and gardens.
In short, green light for creative recycling also in garden furniture in all its forms and shades . A well-organized green oasis
As at home, even outside the natural element , understood as flowering and evergreen plants of medium size, has become a real garden furniture must .
Very important to give the whole aesthetic quality, harmony and personality,in the new concept of outdoor furnishing solutions we find it luxuriant and perfectly organized between small and large furnishing elements . Conveniently placed on shelves, shelves, tables, tubs and shelving designed ad hoc, it can simply be an ornamental element or, for example, a very popular vertical garden.
Style tips, but also useful and practical ideas to orient yourself in the vast panorama of outdoor furniture, a few points to create the ideal recipe for a space, not necessarily perfect, but functional, relaxing and all to be experienced.

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