Trends in furniture change with the change of society, its habits and its inclinations. And 2021 is no exception. Indeed, if possible, it will be the year that will see the most new ideas and interests appear, after a difficult 2020, which has seen the house transform into its function. No longer just a nest and refuge, but also a place of work.
The way of living spaces has changed radically, it has evolved and this inevitably also entails new needs. In this new and completely unexpected context, new needs and perspectives have emerged. An increasing attention to sustainability and the search for flexible and easily transformable spaces are the two main currents of this small, but inexorable housing revolution.
Currents that are also confirmed by Houzz , a platform specialized in design and renovation, which thanks to its community of millions of people including homeowners and professionals in the sector all over the world has identified 6 furnishing trends that will be the protagonists of the next 12 months .

  • Designer design and sustainable furnishings
  • The bathroom looks for color and becomes a sitting room
  • Flexible home and space-saving solutions
  • Return of the rustic
  • Impossible to give up the work area
  • Angles of relaxation and peace

Designer design and sustainable furnishings
Mixing different styles, combining more classic and functional pieces of design with more classic furniture is one of the trends that had already begun to take hold in recent years. Because when an object or a piece of furniture is unique, its beauty is able to transform the whole surrounding environment and characterize it at a glance .
In the years of the great revival of vintage, this trend emerges even more, thanks to furniture from the past that with recovery and reinterpretations can return to new life. To make the difference, after all, is personal taste: an armchair, a desk, even a simple painting are enough to revolutionize the perception you have of a room. And this is the beauty of the furniture, you canplay with details or bet everything on a few distinctive pieces. Every touch can upset everything. The bathroom seeks color and becomes a sitting
room Over the years, the bathroom has also evolved and become an environment to which to pay more and more attention. According to the latest trends analyzed by Houzz, until recently the most popular toilets were superminimal, if not total white.
Now among the rankings of popularity of the platform there are more and more bathrooms with a strong personality, with pastel shades for the tiles or walls and which see the introduction of furnishing accessories such as prints, photos, statuettes or even books. Decorations that make the environment warmer and more liveable, almost like a living area. Also in this case, to adapt it is not necessary to start from scratch, but to add small details that can characterize the environment. Flexible home and space-saving solutions
The furniture sector has now evolved a lot also from a technical point of view, with companies that continue to innovate and renew themselves, offering increasingly functional solutions to optimize space or allow multiple uses. The key word for 2021 will be “flexibility”.
A flexibility necessary not only for the world of work, but also for the home and daily life. Convertible furniture, beds that retract or turn into sofas, dining tables that disappear or that can turn into desks in a few moves: these will be the most requested solutions and that will marry with a new way of living , which sees the house more and more. protagonist. Return of the rustic
The lockdown and the pandemic have inevitably conditioned the interests and perspectives of users in a completely unexpected way, especially when it comes to the home and furnishings, which must adapt to new needs. If many, in fact, contemplate a move away from the city and a return to the countryside, as emerges from some studies on the real estate sector, it goes without saying that there is an increasing interest in the rustic also as a style of furniture.
This is how welcoming, warm and bright kitchens are back in vogue, where wood is the master along with other natural materials, exposed bricks or masonry. A choice that meets the idea of ​​a more sustainable way of living and that recalls the old country houses, with the kitchens that became the main environment in which to bring the whole family together. Impossible to give up the work area
With smart working, the office has forcefully entered homes and has upset the everyday life made up of precise timetables and distinct moments between work and leisure. How many in recent months have had to adapt to their new life during the lockdown, occupying the dining table with computers and devices or – worse – turning the sofa into a new office.
2021 is the year that marks the end of improvised or badly organized spaces (even if only to protect the back and joints), preferring equipped corners for remote work or rooms that can be transformed into studios with small precautions. Some examples
Glass walls used as dividers or carpets to delimit areas. In this way everyone will have the space to find the right concentrationto study or work and can return to relax on the sofa to watch a TV series. Angles of relaxation and peace
Directly related to the previous trend. When the home also becomes a workplace, it is important to know how to differentiate spaces and be able to carve out corners in which to dedicate oneself to oneself, one’s interests, well-being or relaxation. Thus, among the 2021 furnishing trends, corners to be dedicated to meditation, reading and leisure will become a must. A place to disconnect with the mind and find peace. Because when you find yourself always living within the same walls, perhaps with other people, it’s not always easy to have a place to find refuge, in which to escape from the routine. To have it, it is not necessary to have who knows how many square meters.
Also in this case it takes very little, even just a corner, to be enriched with a few touches of green, to exploit the energy that this shade transmits (perhaps through plants or even just a colored wall). And then green light for cushions, enveloping armchairs, candles, prints. Whatever allows you to find yourself.

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