Intense, iridescent and welcoming, this vibrant shade can give interesting and charming atmospheres. The secret is to match it in the right ways
An interesting and sophisticated color, orange, not only in summer, lends itself to interesting combinations at home. Brilliant and vitaminic in its original shade, it opens up to warmer and velvety combinations, if interpreted in the less bright tones of brick and rust, a mixture of warm shades that see orange composed of brown, dark pink or pomegranate red . In these more closed shades it lends itself to interesting furnishing combinations that find their place in all rooms of the house. Whether it is as a surface, for the new textile elements of the bedroom or to renovate one or more furnishing elements in the living room, here are 4 tips on how to insert it and on why to bring it home between new trends and classic elegance: It lends itself to being composed with many styles
Perfect to “warm up” an excessively minimalist style, to modernize furnishings with classic lines or to renovate environments characterized by a total white shabby chic, orange, especially in the shade of rust, and ideal for renovating spaces with elegance, but without weighing them down too much. Among the most versatile shades of furniture and easily declinable with any type of furniture, except for rooms that are too small or furnished with furniture that is too dark. Give captivating surfaces
If the colors that dominate your rooms are neutral (white, beige, soft gray …) and the materials are metal and wood in the lighter essences, warm orange could be an excellent alternative for walls and / or floors.
Solid color or (moderate pattern) if you love wallpapers or glossy / opaque (depending on the type of furniture) if you prefer wall paints, in any case it renews the space giving this strength and character. To be developed by focusing on material and chromatic contrasts, it will be an excellent ingredient to give new originality to one or more environments. Excellent chromatic compromise to renew
To keep in mind if you are thinking about a new colored sofa, or any other textile element in the living area that creates an important color point, orange, in the less bright shades, lends itself very well to this role. To be thought for the living room on a small padded two-seater, in a precious material such as the very popular velvet, or on a large carpet, it is also perfect for renewing the textile elements of the bedroom. In this space, in fact, it could be an excellent answer if you are looking for a color that gives both refinement and tranquility.
Respect for the chromatic table should not be underestimated either.
Maintaining a solid linebetween the colors dedicated to the relaxation area and those directed towards the kitchen area, it is important to avoid excessive differences.
Matching the wall covering to the floor that delimits the corner kitchen frame is the extra idea to keep the atmosphere intact and create a special corner. compromise Perfect base for new and interesting color combinations
If at home the tones are not exactly neutral, no problem, rust, brick and warm orange, if properly studied and positioned at the right point, they also blend well with other colors. Among these we find the green, from the soft sage to the intense forest green, the dusty blues and the more compact grays. Furthermore, if declined in patterns and decorations, it could be an unprecedented chromatic key for important and anything but anonymous environments.

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