You have finally bought the beach house you have always dreamed of
Or you have decided to transform your old house by the sea with a more current and modern style
In this article you will find some useful tips for decorating your beach housewith an elegant and exclusive look, with attention to the smallest details. Owning a house in a maritime city is a great fortune, be it a small apartment or a large mansion. You will be able to furnish the spaces fully expressing your tastes, aiming to create a totally different atmosphere compared to that of the winter residence. Remember, however, not to get carried away by too many styles piled up together, by excessively charged nuances and furnishing solutions that are not at all practical and functional. Beach house ideas:

  • Light and colors of the house by the sea
  • Furniture, materials and fabrics of a beach house
  • The style of the house by the sea
  • The entrance of the house to the sea
  • Furnish the kitchen of the house by the sea
  • Furnish the living room of the house by the sea
  • The garden or the terrace of the house by the sea

Light and colors of the house by the sea
If we talk about house by the sea , we are certainly talking about summer, relaxation and sun. One of the fundamental aspects to be enhanced is certainly the light . We recommend that you opt for light colored walls . By choosing white you will be on the safe side: it is the color par excellence of the beach house, because it amplifies and reflects the light, making spaces appear larger. White softens shadows and edges, giving the environment a fresh and clean look. Remember to orient your choices on anti-humidity coatingsthat will be your allies during the colder and closing months. You are afraid that the total white will bore you, resulting in monotonous
time . blue , light blue and aqua green . Avoid bright and strong colors like purple and red, enemies of mental relaxation. Warm colors reduce and warm the rooms, while a summer house must give the impression of being fresh and beautiful large. If there are places in the house where natural lightfails to arrive, places strategic light points. Furniture, materials and fabrics of a beach house
As for the furnishings of the beach house , keep in mind that generally it is a residence that is exploited for short periods of the year. Therefore it is important to make functional choices, avoiding excessively expensive art objects and technological devices. Heavy curtains that would block the passage of natural light are banned. Yes to light fabrics, super fresh and easy to wash like cotton and linen. The same goes for bedroom fabrics: orient your choice on duvet covers in cotton or linen. Sofas, chairs, tables must be super practical and made with materials resistant to humidity and saltiness. For the outdoors, opt for furniture made of polyethylene, hard plastic or wood treated for the outdoors. Plan each room carefully to avoid overloading the spaces. The rooms must be large and airy, so avoid unnecessary furnishing accessories. This will also facilitate cleaning operations. Finally, equipped with sofa beds , folding seats and extendable tables , perfect for hosting visiting relatives and friends.The style of the house by the sea
One of the advantages of owning a house by the sea is to indulge in different styles , perhaps using old and disused furniture. But be careful not to create a messy and sloppy style. Whether you are oriented on a shabby chic or Provencal style , for example, choose carefully the various elements, so as to maintain an elegant and clean look. An original idea
You could opt for a marine atmosphere, embellishing the walls with shells, fish, starfish and nautical accessories. But even a modern style would be suitable for the purpose: the materials used and the minimal effect are perfect for a summer house. Finally, plants, flowers, small paintings, books and marine elements will give the rooms an extra touch. The entrance of the house to the sea
To ensure that at the end of the day the house is not filled with sand and wet footprints, we suggest you create a hallway at the entrance where you can store shoes, towels, bags, umbrellas and games. An outdoor space is also fine. It would be very useful to install a fountain or an external shower , so that you can rinse away the sand left on you. Furnish the kitchen of the house by the sea
The kitchen of a beach house must certainly be practical and functional. Since you will spend most of your time on the beach, it will not be necessary to equip a large area. It will be enough to have a small kitchen equipped with the most used appliances. You want to find a solution to not spend hours cleaning the kitchen
Opt for a ceramic tile coating , at least as far as the burner area is concerned. In this way you can quickly wash off splashes of sauce, coffee, etc. You took a look at the wonderful Vietri ceramics Furnishing the living room of the house by the sea
Unlike in the residence in the city, the living room in the house by the seait is not a fundamental place, also because the moments of conviviality are spent most of the time outdoors, whether in the garden, on the patio or on the terrace. Therefore, a sofa bed , a table and a sideboard will be sufficient to store various objects. Avoid carpets as they may only burden the environment and retain grains of sand.
Photo taken from transformable beds The garden or the terrace of the house by the sea
You have an outdoor space to decorate and furnish as you like
. Perfect! You can set up a welcoming outdoor area, to spend pleasant evenings with relatives and friends, under a wonderful starry sky. Equip thegarden or terrace with an extendable table , chairs , a swing , a hammock and comfortable poufs . Don’t forget the lighting : place chains of lights for an even more suggestive atmosphere. Are you ready to experience magical summer nights, in the beach house of your dreams !

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