How to choose furnishing curtains and what are the new trends of 2021
They are the textile accessory that can change (easily and quickly) the face of an environment, but they are also an important practical element that has the function of closing and creating a filter with the outside world, we are talking about curtains. An “indispensable” piece of furniture that opens the field to a thousand stylistic and creative interpretations at home. Light and impalpable or heavier and more important, however, they must always be chosen with great attention, adapting the type of fabric not only to the style of furniture, but also to the type of opening and the amount of light to screen or, possibly, to let in. Among important macro patterns, refined tone-on-tone patterns, bright colors and soft and velvety plain colors, here is a mini guide on how to orient yourself in your choice also considering the new trends.The first essential element to consider
Considered for some time not only a beautiful stylistic detail to be quickly placed inside a space, the curtains, precious and rich in the fabric or minimal and essential in the lines, have a central role when furnishing a room because they can be the creators of real and its own transformations. When choosing them, however, the first element to evaluate are certainly the windows, or in any case, the openings that will host them. The curtain is in fact to be considered the “dress” of the window and for this reason it should be chosen thinking about something that creates the right continuity with the frame. Even if there is no fixed and rigid rule that requires framing or covering the window, curtain and frame, whether they are ancient or modern, they should be balanced with each other and return a solution ofThe importance of the fabric
When we talk about furnishing fabrics, and especially curtains, the material with which they are made plays a fundamental role. When choosing, it is always good to focus on light components that not only guarantee a good fall, but will also be resistant and will keep their shape over time, an element that should not be neglected. Linen and cotton are certainly the most suitable fabrics for making curtains, however it is possible to use wool (suitably treated and processed for this use) or other heavier and more robust components. The choice, as well as for practical reasons, such as for example the need to have a particular transparency or on the contrary of something that completely obscures the space and / or the frequency of washing, depends on the final appearance you want to obtain.Calibrate them stylistically (and not only) to the environment
Being such a strongly connotating element within an environment, curtains should always be stylistically studied and calibrated to the whole, in this way it will be possible to create something beautiful and practical that fulfills its function by enhancing the whole. From an aesthetic point of view, it is possible to create contrasting, monochromatic, patterned solutions or play with tone-on-tone combinations. When choosing a combination rather than another, the important thing is to never lose sight of the result and the final harmony. Playing, for example, with curtain solutions that work on several levels can certainly offer a very scenographic result for the space, but they can also be cumbersome to create and impractical to disassemble, as well as unsuitable for small or poorly lit spaces. Each choice must always take into account the size of the rooms, the height of the openings and ceilings, and should never make it heavy, but on the contrary enhance the whole.Trends for 2021
Designed to be eco-sustainable and with low environmental impact, but also to respond to every kind of need, taste and style, the current textile collections satisfy an increasingly attentive and demanding market (national and international). Rich in color variations and important and captivating textures, the collections proposed by the various brands for 2021 are a hymn to color and faraway places. After the complicated period we have lived (and which we are partly still experiencing), the new textile collections make people travel, at least with the mind, and lead to mysterious lands and enchanted places. Always considered one of the best-selling textile elements in Italy, where transparent curtains are widespread, they are designed for this new year with expressive designs,
Fundamental, more than other furnishing elements, to create a proportionate and balanced system that completes the environments giving them a stylistically clear imprint must be chosen by first evaluating all the components involved: windows, furnishings as well as the colors present, including those of the walls. This is the best approach to adopt if you want to create built environments in which the curtains are not simply a decorative element, but the refined binder that stylistically and functionally composes the space with taste and coherence.
Claudia Schiera

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