How nice to run, jump, play with your imagination and learn a thousand new things. Often the theater of the enthusiasm of children and the bedroom. But modern apartments lack space. So, how to furnish a small bedroom and meet all the needs of those who are growing up and living all the beauty of childhood
To answer the question it is important to have in mind the needs of the little ones: an area where you can play lots of solitary or company, a space for doing homework and studying, a cozy place for rest and a sufficient number of compartments and shelves to store clothes, books and toys.
In the article, there are tips and ideas for decorating a small bedroom, even when it needs to be shared by two little sisters or two siblings.Big needs and small spaces
Girls and children need to play. The game phase is a very important experimentation for growth. It is not easy to decide how to furnish a small bedroom and you run the risk of overcrowding the room. Instead, it is necessary to leave a free central area where the child, or children, can devote themselves to playful activities. A corner of the room can often be used to insert a desk. It is important that it is a comfortable and well-lit place. Babies and children must feel favored in their first meetings with the studio from a comfortable environment. The bed can be single and smaller than that of an adult. But it must be comfortable and suitable to accommodate the sensitivity of the little ones.How to furnish a small bedroom for two boys or two girls
Whoever wonders how to furnish a small bedroom for two should not be discouraged. There are excellent solutions to offer functionality and comfort to little brothers or sisters even in small spaces. If the room is narrow and rectangular, a bridge wardrobe allows you to exploit the wall in height. In the configuration of the furniture, the beds for the two children, or girls, can be placed on two levels, creating a sort of equipped mezzanine. In a small square room, it is probably not enough to equip a single wall to group together the bed, wardrobe and desk. In these cases, choosing corner structures, which allow you to exploit two contiguous walls, is the best choice.Space-saving furniture: retractable bed, with container or bunk bed
What are the main space-saving furniture that allow you to furnish small bedrooms for girls and children in a comfortable and delightful way
Designers and architects have access to a thousand and a thousand light bulbs of ideas. In fact, on the market there are many ingenious objects that contain the possibility of performing different functions. There are beds that become desks, bookcases that hide a comfortable mattress, wardrobes that act as a mezzanine. In short, not only do the available spaces become functional, even if they are limited, but they also take on the appearance of being the result of real creative flair. The foldaway bed: even the mattress makes
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Here, a small bedroom with a foldaway bed acquires, in a certain sense, a similar charm. When bedtime strikes, a comfortable mattress comes onto the scene from the wall, all decked out with cozy cushions. Or it is the desk that transforms itself and temporarily hides itself behind the scenes, for the hours of sleep necessary to recharge the energies of the little ones. Even a minute sofa can completely change the scenography and reveal a beautiful bed, ready in the time of the gesture of an adult who pulls it out by pulling it towards the floor. Almost a treasure hiding place: the container bed
Under a bridge wardrobe, in a rectangular and narrow or square bedroom, there can be two beds for babies or girls. Occupying square meters with nets and wooden structures for mattresses does not mean losing volume for storing objects or linen. In fact, if the room is small and the wardrobe is not large, a container bed is useful for creating space to store, for example, sheets and blankets. In the compartment enclosed in the cabinet there are also children’s games, precious objects for carefree moments and learning. Living and playing: the retractable or traditional bunk bed
There are those who play to be a knight or an artist, some to be a princess or a fairy. A bunk bedit is not just a piece of furniture to save space. Girls and boys are happy to have distinct spaces all to themselves on two levels. It is easy for their imagination to turn a bunk bed into an enchanted palace or a creepy vampire abode. This structure is sometimes also equipped with storage compartments, drawers under the lower net, mechanisms that leave space for the desk. There are also models of retractable bunk beds that close along the wall, or with the possibility of extracting the lower structure only for hours of rest. Other solutions for bedrooms with small spaces
Another type of space- saving bedthey are the ones with wheels. They can be easily moved under the desk, or in a corner of the room, to free up space and play. The environment of a child’s bedroom is changed from time to time according to the specific needs of the moment. To satisfy those who wonder how to furnish a small rectangular bedroom without sacrificing the study area, there are folding or pull-out desks. Even if the room is narrow, the folding table gives children the opportunity to do their homework and study independently. There are also many furniture and cabinets suitable for exploiting empty corners, perfect solutions for bedrooms with small spaces. The toy chests
If a corner of the children’s room has remained unused and you need more storage space, colored trunks and wicker baskets are functional . They are offered in different shapes, in many colors, even with images and patterns that recall the stories most loved by girls and boys. They are useful objects for storing toys such as dolls and soft toys, comfortable and easy to use even by the little ones who take their first steps in conquering autonomy. Space-saving bookcases for children’s bedrooms
In the children’s room, shelves are needed to store school texts and books with favorite bedtime stories or free afternoons spent at home. A small and functional space-saving bookcase can be obtained from a bridge wardrobe with shelves between the bed and the wall units. The wall can be exploited in height with shelves above the loft beds. If there is a free wall, a good idea is to equip it with shallow shelves, which do not clutter, but offer space for comics and novels dedicated to the youngest.

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