When furnishing a home, the first choice to make is the style to follow. The options are many and range from modern, to simple and minimalist style, to a more classic or vintage style. And a range of options to take into consideration even when you decide to furnish or renovate your bathroom , one of the most used rooms during the day and the subject of real research in the field of design.
Many people prefer to adopt modern solutions, but there are still a fair number of supporters of the more classic solutions. What are the elements that characterize a classic style bathroom
Let’s try to clarify. Characteristics of a classic bathroom
The classic bathroom tends to have thebathtub instead of shower, while the shape of the bathroom fixtures is mainly rounded or oval, white or cream in color. The furniture is characterized by decorations and engravings that recall retro art.
One of the latest trends is also to present also connotations of modern design , with revisited shapes to adapt more to today’s times, without giving up the classic. There is therefore a lot of play on shapes, decorations and very often also on colors. Use of colors in a classic bathroom
As mentioned, colors play a fundamental role in a classic bathroom, especially if we are faced with a bathroom of modest size, where space plays an important role. In this case you have to opt forthe use of light colors , which can give the feeling of a large bathroom. Accompanied by a white marble and porcelain tiles of the same color for the coverings. While for the furniture a light wood is recommended.
There are also very strong and impactful contrasts to be exploited to give more prominence and a certain style to the bathroom. Black and white have always been two shades that contrast very well with each other, and give a feeling of elegance and simplicity. For example the walls can be painted white. Or you can use light coatings and darker colors tending to black for furniture and other furnishing accessories (such as doors and tiles for the flooring). Choice of sanitary ware
The choice of bathroom fixtures, on the other hand, is almost mandatory. As mentioned, the elements have a rounded or oval shape and the colors are mainly white or cream , even if the first color is much preferable to the second. You can find an example of classic sanitary ware on the website www.maisonplus.com . The bathroom fixtures can be accompanied by wood , a material that best marries the classic style, preferably in a dark color such as walnut.
You can therefore choose wooden furniture with retro lines and remember that the mirror must have a frame of the same finish and a decidedly large size. For the top, on the other hand, it is advisable to act in contrast with light colors. For thewashbasin the choice is only one: it must be in white ceramic, built into the cabinet itself.
However, you can indulge yourself and choose dark colored sanitary ware, just to remember that the classic style
is also suitable for a more modern design. not always easy to approach. If you are undecided about the choices to make, you could turn to professionals in the sector. For example, ask an interior designer for advicewho can draw up a project for you and perhaps offer you a three-dimensional view of the final result, to give you a better idea of ​​what the bathroom will look like once completed. The advice of a professional will provide you with the necessary skills to combine personal taste and compositional style, offering you the right solution.

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