Whether it’s an inground pool immersed in the countryside or an infinity-edge solution with a sea view, the pool is that thing that makes summer just looking at it, but how to organize the space around it . more and more often present inside large terraces. These spaces require specific furnishings that are, first of all, suited to being in outdoor environments, but above all, specific to furnish situations “close” to water. Chairs, armchairs, beds and various accessories must therefore be carefully chosen to create solutions that are beautiful and functional, but also easy to maintain.
Here’s how to make your choice. Materials how to choose
Aluminum, fabric and synthetic fibers are the 3 macro categories of materials from which to draw for the choice of furniture for the poolside. Practical, easy to clean and light, they are perfect both for seating and for tables, coffee tables and various accessories. Equally beautiful, and suitable for this use, is the treated wood, especially teak wood. Rich in oils of which it is naturally impregnated and waterproofed and therefore resistant to water and attack by parasites and insects. Features that make teak furnishings perfect for this use, but also quite expensive. Light colors, but not only
Neutral shades have always been a must for outdoor furniture and this also applies to poolside environments. In recent years, however, even the strongest and most vivid colors have made their appearance stealing a bit the scene from the soft shades. Green, blue and yellow have thus fully become part of the most used colors, but be careful because, when the color on the outside comes into play, the materials must be of the highest quality, the risk of discoloration is just around the corner. Focus on light furnishings
Everything always starts from the size of the space available, if we are talking about a pool edge that is not very large, the folding, stackable and wheeled solutions are to be preferred because they allow you to furnish the space with taste and quality but without cluttering too much. Easy to handle, and therefore perfect for changing the configuration of the poolside easily, they can be easily closed after use and, in winter, can be stored quickly and in a small space. What and how
The concepts of practicality, functionality and quality are very clear, we must never forget that even the poolside should have its own style, preferably not too far from the style chosen to furnish the house. The advice is to focus on simple lines and essential shapes and where possible dare with materials and colors that are in line with the surrounding context: for example wood and green if you are in a country situation or blue and aluminum if you are in a swimming pool. at the sea. As for the furnishings, the truly inevitable pieces are: table and chairs (equipped with cushions) for quick aperitifs, deckchairs to open and close and use if necessary and (fundamental) sun loungers to be coupled with low multipurpose poufs. Claudia Schiera

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