Used oil used after frying is easily wasted. For example, many throw it down the sink and do not know they are putting the water circulation system at risk. Others, for example, decide to flush it into the toilet or onto the ground at home: don’t do it! Not being a biodegradable waste it can pollute not only drinking water, but damage the soil, making it arid.
To dispose of it you have to take it to ecological islands or alternatively to petrol stations and supermarkets that are equipped to collect it.
However, there are many tricks to recycle it and do good not only for the environment , but also for our wallet. In fact, the frying oil can be reused to create soap for the home or as oil for lamps and candles . Here are some money-saving tricks by using recycled cooking oil. Frying oil: recycle it to make scented candles
If in your free time you love to create “homemade” and personalized objects for the home, frying oil can be the right ingredient for scented candles . Simple to make and beautiful as a gift idea, to create your own candle using the used frying oil, just add it and mix it with the essential oil of your favorite fragrance. Once the mixture has been filtered, it needs to be left to rest for 24 hours. In a vase, you will then have to insert a thread creating a base that will point upwards (it will serve to hold the wick of the candle) and wrap the cotton thread. In the container chosen for the candle, just insert this base in the center and pour your mixture of oils, making sure that there is room for the external wick. Frying oil: how to make laundry soap
Frying oil can also be reused to make laundry soap. For this, however, it is essential to use sodium hydroxide , a useful product to better regulate the pH, but which can be dangerous for our health. For this reason it is good to protect yourself by using the appropriate equipment: gloves, mask, goggles.Not only that: once the soap has been made, you must make sure that you have cleaned all the tools used for the realization. In addition to the frying oil (800 g) for the soap you will need: the essential oil of your choice, caustic soda (270 g), half a liter of water, olive oil (200 g), lard (1 kg) and a mold.
First you just have to heat all the fats and oils together while maintaining a temperature of about 45 degrees (you can use an immersion thermometer to check). Before heating the oils, it is advisable to pour the soda into the water, using a large container: this triggers a reaction that produces the ” caustic solution “. Once the latter has reached the temperature of 45 and 50 degreesyou can pour the oils by mixing them with the help of an immersion blender.
If the procedure has been done correctly you will see that the mixture will take on a creamy consistency. Then just add the chosen essential oil and pour everything into a mold (wooden or silicone). Then covered with a transparent film and a cloth, it will have to rest for 24 hours , so that it can solidify. Then, always with the use of gloves as a precaution, it is possible to remove it from the mold and cut it into pieces.

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