It is inevitable that, when summer arrives, we all have a crazy desire to lighten our hair , although always keeping in mind the tricks to take care of hair in summer. We are desperately looking for a way to show the effects of the sun on our hair at all times . At this point we have already discovered the power of the money piece and the subtlety of the illumination wicks has us dazzled, but we are still not very clear about which are the most trending wicks of the summer (the fault lies with the strange names they have) nor if they are good for our hair.
After having observed the hair trends that are going strongin street style and having observed the long hair of all our friends (we are the only ones who have not yet lightened our hair), we know which are the highlights that are sweeping this summer in hairdressers .
As we advanced at the beginning, the money piece and the illumination are two of the highlights most in demand in hairdressers this summer, but they are not the only ones. Do melting

nudes sound familiar to you
Have you heard of mousy hair
Do you think face framing would look good
on you
money piece to the illumination, going through the mousy hair,so that you are clear about what you have to ask for the next time you go to the beauty salon.

What are face framing highlights and why are they being worn this summer

They are the most subtle but most effective highlights of the summer , that is why they are so in demand in hairdressers. They are also known as chunky lights or makeup highlights and this last denomination already gives us enough clues. The objective of this technique is none other than to frame your face with some front strands that are lighter than the rest of your hair and that is why many experts comment that it has the same illuminating power as good makeup. Although before going to the hairdresser to ask for some face framing you should know some more questions about them.
Hair with highlights (different highlights strategically distributed with which an immediate illuminating effect is achieved) is not the same as face framing highlights (only located on the sides of your face), which is why these highlights are the favorites of those who want rejuvenate their appearance but do not want to dye their hair completely or alter their appearance with other types of highlights.

What are money piece highlights and why are they being worn this summer

Money piece highlights are the perfect fusion between the classic balayage and the recently arrived face framing and that, precisely, is what makes them so flattering, because they take the best of both. techniques and merge them into one.
The money piece wicksThey consist of following the technique of balayage highlights, but add some very light strands in the front to frame the face and illuminate it completely. These strands (the front ones) start from the root of the hair and blend with the rest of the color from the middle.
It is a technique that brings a lot of light to the face (ideal for summer), with lighter tones than the rest of the hair that, in addition, help to achieve a visual effect of volume. The money pieces, in short, are the perfect fusion between two of the most demanded coloring techniques in hairdressers and for that reason they are the ones that are most popular this summer.

What are illuminage wicks and why are they wearing this summer
It is a technique that seeks to illuminate the hair naturally , as its name suggests. The effect it achieves is similar to that of the reflection of the sun on the hair , offering a lighter tone, but very natural, which is why this type of highlights are so in demand this summer .
When opting for this coloring technique, we must bear in mind that the points of light in this procedure are located in strategic places of the hair itself and bleaching is not necessary. Therefore, the mane looks healthy and free from damage .
The illuminage coloring technique creates imperceptible transitions with reflections that provide a very natural shine.In addition, they apply it using the capillary contouring technique , which consists of gradually lightening the lengths and ends for a very beautiful and natural reflection effect from the sun .
In that sense, the illuminage technique is postulated as the favorite this summer to lighten and illuminate the hair naturally, without damaging the hair and with little maintenance, since capillary contouring helps the visual effect to be much more lasting .

What are melting nude highlights and why are they wearing this summer

Melting nude highlights are made through a technique that combines various shades of highlights with the base color of your own hair., so that the lightening of the mane occurs in a very natural way, the reason why they are one of the highlights that are most popular this summer. It is a kind of fade , in which the color transitions are imperceptible, which manages to bring a lot of life and movement to the hair.
The melting nude are highlights that are based on a simple coloring technique that adapts to each face and that illuminates and highlights the frontal areas. The best of all is that it does not require short-term maintenance, since it does not create any root effect .
The melting nude, like the classic balayage highlights, is done in fine strands but with different shades of blondes and nudes.(which are nothing more than natural hair tones) to achieve a fusion of degraded and natural tones . Unlike other types of highlights, the melting nude are suitable for all types of hair , without distinction between blonde, dark or brown.

What are mousy hair wicks and why are they wearing this summer

Mousy hair wicks (from English, shy hair) is a very soft coloring technique that illuminates the hair without being a very abrupt finish . Hence, it is an ideal coloring technique for brunette, light brown or blonde hair who want a more subtle and natural lightening.that resembles the reflections created by the sun, that’s why they are one of the highlights that are most popular this summer. Despite being a subtle technique, that does not mean that the final result is not groundbreaking, since the mousy hair highlights help us illuminate the face, achieving a super rejuvenating effect .
The mousy hair technique is very similar to balayage highlights , but in this case it is done from strand to strand and different shades of dye are chosen depending on the area of ​​the hair, a shade above the natural base to apply to the roots and a tone below the base for medium and long.

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