Despite the fact that winter seems to us to be a much more stylish season, we cannot help but miss the good face effect that the sun caused in us. The natural luminosity that we have in our hair (which has just released that flattering Italian bob, but it lacks a touch of light) and with which we look so good during the summer season is non-existent in winter, although there is nothing like some good highlights to replicate that good face effect .
Although everything seemed to indicate that red-haired tones, like the super trendy blorange, highlights are always the best allies when it comes to achieving that luminosity that we need so much in winter.
Last season we already discovered the gift of money piece highlights to illuminate the hair and the face and we fell in love with them due to the low maintenance they require, but now that it is winter and that we are looking for that good face effect immediately, we also need to look for More types of natural highlights with which to bring that luminosity to the face .
The cold is coming and in a few weeks winter, the perfect excuse to abandon a perhaps dull look and give it a luminous tone thanks to the highlights. Color specialists such as Paul Tudor (David Kunzle), Danilo Da Silva (StudioD) or Inmaculada Garcia (Menta Beauty Place) advise us on the most suitable highlights for the new season to come.
Shatush highlights, melting blondes, babylights… Find out which are the most natural highlights to bring light to your hair this winter and with which to achieve an immediate glowing effect .

The naturalness of shatush highlights VS balayage highlights

Among the highlights that will work best this winter are shatush highlights , with which a much more natural effect is achieved than with balayage , highlighting that the roots remain darker, while the The rest of the hair is lightened little by little, obtaining reflections that are not forced.
Although it may seem like a simple technique, it is not so, as Paul Tudor, director and first stylist of the David Kunzle Fuencarral salon explains, “The problem is that we try to give hair a natural appearance with reflections and a shine of its own where there is no You can see the coloration anywhere, since the highlights do not affect the root once the hair begins to grow.They are perfect for those women fed up with the dye and who want to look beautiful without apparently standing out, with darker roots and slightly lighter tips , a natural look that contrasts with many of the highlights that we often see on the street.”

The luminous contrast of chunky
highlights We
also highlightthe chunky wicks, frontal strands that frame the face, straight and very defined where two tones are used to highlight the chiaroscuro of the mane. “They are so versatile that they can be worn in all shades of hair, bringing a lot of light to the hair “, tells us Inmaculada Garcia, director of training at Menta Beauty Place, whose salons are experts in this type of highlights. “Once the hair is bleached, it can also be tinted with the semi-permanent fantasy color that we like the most, such as pink, purple or green,” explains

Melting blonde highlights, subtle and with a gradient effect

The term melt or melting means something like this like melted, from there comes the technique of melting blonde, the transition from a dark tone to a lighter one throughout the hair, fading subtly to achieve a gradient that is not noticeable.
“It is a tone that is difficult to detect due to its natural shape, very appropriate for all types of natural bases and for people who do not want a very radical change . It is preferable that it be done with a brush since very powerful tones are not sought, but if a more global lightening. The result is a reflection throughout the hair that is lost in said hair”, tells us the director of David Kunzle Fuencarral, Paul Tudor.

Babylights wicks, the most natural and subtle

For their part, the babylights consist of lightening the hair in a very natural and subtle way,keeping the color at all times. “They are ideal for a natural blonde effect, through delicate highlights that add light to the hair and a touch of sweetness to the face , explains Inmaculada Garcia, from Menta Beauty Place. In all their salons, they also opt for other types of highlights, such as contouring (localized or directed to provide definition to the face) or 3D lighting, to illuminate the mane of two or three colors with super natural results

Balayage and Californian, the highlights with less maintenance

StudioD is one of the salons of most frequented beauty salons in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​where Danilo Da Silva, its managing director, works on both balayage and Californian highlights on a daily basis. “Californian women have the effect of natural degradation of the hair but more marked, being able to leave a more subtle or soft tone, or extreme at the ends, since balayage is a French lightening technique that begins a few centimeters from the root , making a color degradation not only at the ends but throughout the hair and in a more natural way, we can even play with contrasts between the natural tones of the hair and the highlights , without the marking being seen”.
Although they can be worked on any base and type of hair, Da Silva advises to maintain them with good professional products so that the color does not fade or they do not oxidize quickly.
The biggest advantage of balayage and Californian is thelittle maintenance they need , since they can be retouched every four months. By not touching the root, the natural growth of the hair will not be perceived. Even so, we must keep the hair very nourished with specific products such as conditioners or masks because bleached hair always tends to be drier, even with violet or bluish shampoos so that our wick does not tend to unwanted tones such as yellow or orange, but if this happens to us, we can always reapply a color treatment between touch-ups to refresh the wick and make it always look like the first day,” advises Inmaculada Garcia (Menta Beauty Place).

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