All of us, over the years, realize how life is not as simple as we have always thought. When we are young we are also full of desires, of expectations – ready to face the world, armed with hope and patience. But time – and experiences – often shape us negatively by not allowing us to see things as they really are. And this is how, for each of us, there are dark moments. Moments when the sun seems to be just a vague memory. But the secret of a peaceful and satisfying life is contained in Japanese wisdom. Here’s what it is. First of all, find your Ikigai
Many of you have probably never heard of this term in your entire life. And it is a real shame because it is right that you know that all of you – without exception – must have your own Ikigai. The term is not easily translatable into Italian but it could be described as the reason for its existence. And why you choose to wake up every morning or you love the person next to you. The main difficulty however lies in understanding which is our Ikigai. Finding it, really, is not as simple as you think. Each of us, in fact, has certain characteristics that serve to complete the immense puzzle of what we call life. You have to put strengths and weaknesses on the scales and understand what you are really led to do. You have an important (and unique) feature of the universe and your job is to find it and learn how to use it for the good of yourself and others. Understanding the basis of your dreams is probably the way to your success. If you only follow what you think is right, important or the method of “surviving” you will never find your Ikigai. Let your heart guide you and start doing what you really love, everything else will come by itself.Who you really are
What do you do when you get up in the morning
Run fast because you have to go to work
And in the afternoon You run
again to go home and do all the chores
Probably because this is a typical life that leads us only to apparent happiness (money, a socially active life) but makes us completely lose ourselves and the meaning of life. Spending time running, without stopping for a moment to observe and listen to the meaning and the immense heartbeat of life will never allow us to reach happiness. Perhaps it will give us some daily sop, perhaps deriving from the purchase of a material asset but it will never be able to penetrate our hearts. Oh yes, because the only way to find serenity is to be enough for ourselves. But the question we ask ourselves every day is: do we know who we really are
Or do we only know who we have chosen to be Never forget the five pillars of happy living
Once we have found ourselves, we just have to learn to spend time with the person we have discovered we are (really). We work hard
Maybe yes. But we must prioritize ourselves and not money. So we don’t have to find any excuses and follow the three fundamental pillars to feel good: Start small to find happiness
Whatever you choose to be starts with small steps. We all would like to change our lives overnight. But when change occurs slowly and gradually, it is often the most effective, best and long-lasting. Forget about yourself to be happy
Forgetting yourself means taking off the mask we have worn so far to please others and society. But also not to be more focused on our ego, rather on us. We must understand that we are only a drop of an immense sea and only by being part of the whole could we find serenity. Harmony and sustainability , the key to happiness
We must remember to always live in harmony with creation. We cannot think that by damaging what is around us, we will be able to live peacefully. If we are a piece of a larger universe it means that everything that is shown to us on our path is part of ourselves: let’s make good use of it for the growth of ourselves and of all other creatures. Joy for the little things
Human beings tend to complain. He can understand the importance of small things only when he has lost them. But the secret of happiness is precisely to appreciate what we already have and not look for what we do not yet possess. If you can walk, get out of bed, eat and sleep in the heat, perhaps you should already consider yourself a very lucky person. And if you also have the person you love next to you and it is the first one you see every morning when you wake up then you can really declare that you are happy. Be in the here and now to be happy
The last fundamental pillar is that of not allowing the mind to travel excessively between the past and the future. While you are eating, really savor the taste of the food and as you take the one you love by the hand, listen to all the love in him. Do not make mechanical gestures, enjoy every moment of your life, both the past is over and the future is uncertain. Why give space to thought when you can enjoy unique sensations
If you want to touch true happiness firsthand, learn to observe and listen. In this way life will appear to your eyes for what it really is: a wonderful dream.

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