Betis already has 40 points, rather points, with 16 games still ahead. Manuel Pellegrini’s team is now 7 points behind their closest rivals, Atletico de Madrid and Real Sociedad, although both have played two games less. And in the new acceleration of Betis, it has to do with the contribution of players who are going to do more, like Edgar in the axis of defense and Canales as the sublime organizer of the team. Also Borja Iglesias, who has taken advantage of the replacement of Willian Jose to score goals, and William Carvalho, whose level raises the whole team because he has virtues that few midfielders show off in this League: strides, quality in driving, the long pass and the combination in short and danger when he steps on the area.

Edgar | He has emphatically left doubts behind and in Barcelona he was an impregnable bastion

. The performance of the lanky Verdiblanco defender stands out, even correcting his teammate on the axis, Pezzella, several times. He was always in his place to clear the lateral centers in the area, he anticipated the open field when Betis took the back line and blocked several shots that went to Claudio Bravo’s goal. He also had a presence up front on set pieces, although this time he did not have a clear shot. He is very settled and that is one of the best news for Manuel Pellegrini.

Channels | His mastery of the heel game is also prodigious.
Few players play with the heel as often and as effectively as Sergio Canales does, who in each game provides at least one action as aesthetic as it is profitable for his Betis. In Cornella, it also fell in the form of assistance. Guido advanced the ball and the number 10 improvised his subtle touch that Borja took advantage of. Before, my picaro hit was key to cause Aleix Vidal’s penalty.

Borja Iglesias | Now your confidence in the definition is total
From eleven meters, his strong hit and up, at the angle, leaves the goalkeepers without any response, they are unappealable penalties. And in the comings and goings of him as a battering ram, he now has a period of overwhelming confidence in everything he does looking at the goal. The control of him with the chest in the magical pass from Canales, so fast and so skillful, distinguishes a striker from anything ordinary.

William Carvalho | If he is able to be ‘on’ until May, watch out
In Carvalho’s periods of confusion, any fan (all the more Pellegrini) knew that credit had to be maintained, that the Portuguese has a great level when he starts playing. Today his commitment is extreme, also his intensity, as was seen in his intemperate reaction to Raul de Tomas’ kick. If he remains connected until May, Betis will be more Betis.

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