The fate of politicians according to the astral conjunctures. Redesigning the institutional balance following the positions of Saturn and Jupiter, analyzing the peculiar traits of the zodiacal signs of the “magnificent seven”. With a projection on the year that has just begun. Rino Jupiter , aka Pellegrino Liuzzi, is one who has made astrology his life.
Let’s start with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte“Inextricably linked to Minister Luigi Di Maio”. “The prime minister – explains Liuzzi – and a Leo ascending cancer. In short, he is a sensitive person, but at the same time influenced, albeit decisive and resolute “. According to the astrologer, the elements that unite the people’s advocate and Giggino are essentially two. “They were both born with the new moon – analyzes Liuzzi – but above all the premier’s ascendancy corresponds to the sign of Minister Di Maio. This means that they have a great understanding and that they see things in the same way “. With some caveats, however. “Conte is the leader – he says – and it is therefore he who has the decision-making spirit, who commands, who organizes”. Di Maio, on the other hand, because of his belonging to Sagittarius, seems to have a tailor-made department.
“Di Maio’s sign is connected abroad: Sagittarius is traditionally represented with the arrow that is shot on the other side of the planet”. Therefore, says Jupiter, the delegation “was already written in the stars”. In this, in the Five Stars. Another common feature between the two “is their strong influence: in short, they don’t always think with their heads”. 2021 for Giuseppe Conte “will be a year of intense work – announces the astrologer -. However, it is not certain that this job is necessarily linked to his role as head of government. But it is still to be read as a positive and eventful year. Having Saturn against, however, will significantly weigh down the year of Conte ”. Silvio Berlusconi. “The Knight has a strong and determined character, shaped by the sign of Libra with the Scorpio ascendant. This situation makes him a strong, meticulous, introspective and controlled person “. Overlooking the dawn of the eighty-four years “it will conclude the important cycle of Uranus. In short, this year will place him even more in the position of great old sage. He will not leave the scene, but will be on another level. Always vigilant … always on the spot “.
The two Mattei. On the one hand the leader of the Carroccio and on the other the leader of Italia Viva. “For Matteo Salvini– Liuzzi explains – it will be an uphill first part of the year. More than anything else of ‘sowing’ for the second part which more than anything else will bring a lot of satisfaction “. The Northern League, Scorpio ascendant Pisces, “is an idealist: determined and tireless. The stars, and Jupiter in particular, will be favorable to him. The big step from idealism to concreteness will be even more evident “. Matteo Renzi for his part, “and a person who has faced a great path of growth, overcoming obstacles, drawing the right stimuli from mistakes”. The ascendant makes him very communicative, says Jupiter, so much so that “when Jupiter and Saturn left their mark, he adapted to the Uranian energy”. So for the Florentine “it will be a year of innovation and explosion, with the experience of a man”.
The secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti will have the wind in its sails. “Libra ascending aries. Nicola’s personality – the astrologer explains – is divided into a double nature. Very indecisive and waiting on the one hand, on the other hand the opposite: impulsive, impetuous. He will enter the scene in a powerful way in the next few days. We will feel it more decisive: the planets in the aquarium awaken it. Either in the role of mayor, or elsewhere “. By far, Giorgia Meloni
has the best astral report card. The mane turns blond on a future that smiles at her both in terms of personal and electoral success. She “she could even aspire to the race for the Hill …”. “Being Leo ascendant, with Saturn dominant, and a peculiarity that makes her a sincere, stubborn and outspoken person. How do you see it e. She can’t be a liar. Capricorn is an excellent strategist “. So you politically you move “like a chess player about to prepare the winning strategy”. This year, the first thing she must do as the leader of the Brothers of Italy “is to ally herself with the right people: this will lead her either to being prime minister or even more … maybe she will be the new President of the Republic”.
With the favor of the stars, the turning point opens.

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