An image shared by the megaprofe Instagram account has drawn attention in the last two days because it can be seen how a little boy has turned a character from a video game called ‘Among Us’ into a Nazarene . It has been a very peculiar response after the teacher proposed a creative exercise in class a few days before Friday of Sorrows and the beginning of Holy Week in which there will also be no canopy steps, mysteries, bands and Nazarenes in the streets.
It was an exercise with a black and white card of the protagonist of the video game, who is an astronaut, and the teacher invited his students to color and paint it, inventing a phrase and describing it. The little one has given him a lot of imagination and has turned him into a Nazarene and, specifically, into one of the brotherhood of San Benito . He has painted the hood and the cape purple, as well as a candle, just as the brothers come out who accompany the Lord of the Presentation to the People, the Christ of the Blood, the Virgin of the Incarnation every Holy Tuesday and make a station of penance in the Cathedral.

A genuine description

The little one described the characterand he introduced himself as “San Benito”, and continued saying that “I wear a candle, a belt with the symbol of my brotherhood, I have a purple tunic, I have a long hood. I am an impostor because this year I will not be able to go out in my brotherhood either” . Without a doubt, he has made a description with a lot of imagination of how Holy Week 2021 is going to be lived in which there will be no processions through the streets of Seville and the rest of Spain, just like in 2020. It
is necessary to clarify that, if the child says the word “imposter” at the end of the exercise, it is because in the video game what is intended is to discover who has committed a crime and is hiding among the other participants. Undoubtedly, this is another example of creativity,of the ingenuity of the little ones and how they can completely turn an exercise around to lead to the message they want to expose.
The teacher shared it on the social network Instagram and showed his pleasant surprise because the little boy’s response was genius. In addition, the teacher pointed out that it was obvious that he worked in Seville. This publication has gone viral in recent days, has been shared by many members of the network and has made thousands of people smile at such a nice response from this child a few days after the Holy Week services are held in the temples before the titular images of the brotherhoods.

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