If you think men are fascinated by the B-side, eyes, curves of women , you are wrong. There is a part of the female body that might seem unsuspected and that instead attracts the most hidden passions of the male audience: the feet. It is comparable to the passion that women have for sandals and shoes , so they could be crazy. It’s called partying. Le Iene Show dedicated a report to the passion of certain men for feet and tights . It all started when in the opening of an episode the shot stopped at Ilary Blasi’s feet. At that point, emails and phone calls began to arrive in the editorial office of the program complimenting Ilary’s feet, asking for photos of her feet.and even to be able to have his own pair of used socks . The Hyena Matteo Viviani has therefore decided to dedicate an entire service to this passion. “Because for some the feet are a real obsession” he explains in the report “Browsing the internet you can find everything about this craze. Photos, sites where you can exchange opinions and even Facebook groups where people, with a lot of name and surname , look for people who have the same tastes “.
However, not everyone does it in the open and sometimes requests of this type can be disguised as real job advertisements.normal. Almost. Like this: “For the promotional launch of new tights, look for female testers 35-60 years old, even first experience, without particular physical skills (therefore also in the flesh). If you pass the first test / interview from our private selector, you pay 25 ad each subsequent test, max 10 places available. Send your curriculum with photos if possible. ”
An announcement unearthed by the editorial staff of the program, who then sent Giovanna to understand what was really hiddenbehind the question. The tester welcomes her into the kitchen of her house and shows her how the meeting will take place: “I’ll take a picture of you with socks without shoes. Then I’ll put you on the sofa, let you stretch out your leg. I feel your foot how it goes, how it fits the stocking … I make you raise it, lower and then raise and lower it again with your eyes closed for balance. ” What balance has to do with socks remains a mystery – rightly comments Matteo Viviani.

The truth is that behind making her close her eyes lies a disturbing secret: the man wants to sniff the girl’s feet . Oh yes, exactly like this: he has set up this whole “theater” of the test of the pantyhose just to be able to give a little smell to the feet of aspiring models. Not by chance,leave him the used socks with the excuse of carrying out laboratory tests, etc. In reality, he just wants to prolong the pleasure in private.
When she gets a little confidence, Giovanna manages to let the fake tester discover the cards, who confesses that he is attracted by the smell and the carriage of the foot : “Of the sock and the foot together”. So, Viviani comments, this passion does not concern the feet or the socks themselves, but both at the same time. And like any self-respecting passion, everyone has their own tastes: “I like it clean, but I have a friend, for example, who has a girlfriend who keeps the same tights for three days”. Okay, de gustobus …
In short, whether they are clean, dirty, smelly or perfumed, the reaction is always the same and to Giovanna’s provocative question “A foot excites you more than making love
“, he replies ” There are those who make love maybe every now and then one sniffs a sock etcetera … these things here! “. In short, a passion he is not ashamed of at all!

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