Sevilla is still very much alive in the Champions League and will depend on itself on the last day of Group G when they visit Salzburg. The sevillistas got the first win in this phase and they did it with all the merits for Julen Lopetegui’s squad. Everyone threw in the rest and in the end Rafa Mir’s goal confirmed the breath of relief with the three points.

Cradle | His ability to win all duels is impressive.
The Argentine starred in a real display from the left flank and was even about to get inside once and score a goal worthy of some of his compatriots. He started from behind and when he only had one left to overcome, Guilavogui appeared there to interrupt his race. But not only that, it was also a millimetric pass to Joan Jordan that I did not control for very little and, above all, the ability to win all the rivals’ duels.

Kounde | A key day arrives and there it is to lead from behind
He is a true leader not only when it comes to defending, but also when it comes to taking the ball to the most compromised areas for the rival and he does it both in the first exit of the ball from behind and when it comes to fighting all the shots. Also in his driving when he exceeds the center of the field and looks for all the routes. They paid an outrage for Lacroix and, being good, any comparison…

Joan Jordan | It is the warrior spirit of the whole team
At last he was reunited with the goal, because it is something that should come in handy for a footballer as passionate as him to increase his self-confidence. He is the ideal midfielder for a coach, he obeys tactical orders, he fights all the balls as if they were the last ones and on top of that he retains the class of his exquisite times. But, in addition, he adds his warrior spirit.

Rakitic | Upload points in your game and everyone notices it positively
Good news for all of Sevilla that the Swiss is no longer a hindrance to the group and, on the contrary, becomes one of those players capable of pulling the rest. His performance is rising no matter how much he is weighed down by a physique that is no longer what he was before, logically. Magnificent goal pass to Joan Jordan and also many quick distributions.

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