Frizzy hair is a plague that can affect any type of hair: straight, curly, wavy, short and long. In particular, however, it is dry or treated hair that is most affected by this effect.
They are difficult to manage and tame , they always look messy and, without being styled, they just don’t want to stay in their place . And the lack of keratin , the protein that makes up the hair and the need for hydration , which lead our hair to absorb the humidity of the surrounding environment, making the cuticles rise.
But with the right products , precautions and somenatural remedy , it is easy to get around this problem, thus forgetting about ponytails and tied hair, the most adopted “emergency remedy” for indomitable and rebellious hair. Just restore hydration to the hair , replenish it and nourish it to say goodbye to frizz! The main causes of frizzy hair Dehydration, humidity, pollution, nutrition, hormonal imbalances, aggressive treatments and dyes, hot tools, chlorine : these are the main enemies of our hair, or rather friends of frizzy hair. Moisture _of the environment that surrounds us, we cannot make up for it, especially during the autumn or winter period, if not by wearing a hat that helps not to mess up the hair even more, also put to the test by the wind and the aggressions of the cold. Another cause of hair that tends to curl is a keratin deficiency and consequent dehydration . This can depend on various factors, such as incorrect nutrition , pollution , but also the chlorine in the pool or aggressive substances , as well as the non-use of specific or wrong products for your hair type.
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Not to mentiondyes, chemical treatments and strong heat to which we subject the hair, the primary cause of dehydration, stress , which we just don’t seem to be able to resist. In fact, dyes often contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and lightening factors which, in the long run, damage the hair. Even straighteners , hairdryers and iron are among the most common causes related to frizzy hair, especially when combined with chemical treatments. In fact, despite having just done the fold, the hair looks perfect and healthy, and the next wash that we realize how much, in reality, the hair is rough, dry and bristly. The remedies to treat frizzy hair and regain a disciplined hair
There are many remedies, natural and otherwise, forkeep frizz at bay , but it is essential to understand that this type of hair, often curly, needs great hydration and nourishment . Green light therefore to deep hydration treatments , to be carried out by the hairdresser for an enhanced effect, but also at home. On very dry hair they can be combined with nourishing treatments , while on fine hair or hair that tends to get fat better avoid oils and substances that are too greasy. Also excellent are the restructuring treatments based on keratin or the famous Olaplex , to be requested in specialized salons with a phase to be replicated even at home.
Remember not to wash your hair too often, because frequent washing tends to degrease them too much , in particular the lengths, depriving them of the sebum produced naturally and which has a disciplining and protective function, keeping frizz at bay. Furthermore, it is a good rule to apply specific oils or milks without rinsing every day, avoiding the skin, to be applied in small doses, just like we do with face cream. Phyto offers a pretty good product with its Phyo 7 and Phyto 9 creams , to be chosen based on the porosity and dryness of the hair.
The choice of products that do not contain alcohol is mandatory , so pay attention to the label! Avoid foams, mousses, gels and styling productswhich, despite using a lot of product, do not grease the hair, which seems clean: and the alcohol which, evaporating, takes away the fat and sebum , even from the skin. After washing your hair , try not to rub it vigorously with a towel, because doing so will electrify and dehydrate even more. Dab them gently to remove excess water or use microfibre towels , which retain more moisture, drying the hair more quickly, with a consequent reduction in the use of the hairdryer.
Last advice is to use food supplements cyclically that help keep them healthy from the inside.Millet, Vitamin E, Keratin, Panthenol, Horsetail are the best ingredients to look for in a good product, to be taken orally just before the beginning of autumn and spring, periods that put a strain on the hair. And if you want a last minute natural remedy from grandma, you can do the last rinse after shampooing with apple cider vinegar . No fear! The strong smell will fade as soon as they are dry, resulting in shiny, soft and disciplined.
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