Breaking up with someone is never easy , not only because you end a relationship with a person, but also because there are friends that are lost in the process and that you have to let go of in order to get away from your ex and move on with your life (and so that she do the same).

The problem is that there are some cases in which the brothers/sisters of your ex also become your friends, you have a relationship with them and you can even love them more than your own family , friends or even your own partner. , and for them it’s the same, they like you better than their own sister and they wouldn’t think twice about changing you for her, but the family ties are stronger and it’s not like they can take your side if the relationship ends.

But can they still be friends when the relationship is over (is it too weird?)?

There are studies that say that wanting to remain friends with your ex makes you a psychopath, if the relationship did not work out, there is no reason to continue in each other’s lives (unless they have children in common) and all you do is hurt yourself, hurt the other person and avoid moving forward with your life, but it’s not the same with siblings, it’s not their fault that things didn’t work out and it’s painful to lose them in it, especially if they had a good relationship (or if they were your friends before you hung out with his sister).

According to the experts, there are some situations and circumstances in which that friendship does not have to end, you can continue to be friends or get along with your ex’s brothers, but you cannot do it secretly or without clarifying things.

If the breakup was healthy , mutual and there are no problems or resentment between you, it is easier for your siblings to continue to accept you and not have to secretly make plans to prevent your ex from feeling betrayed and wanting to kill you (metaphorically).

Both parties need to have some understanding and empathy for what the other has been going through and what they’ve been through.” why things didn’t work out. So if you and your ex agree with the way things worked out, even after a breakup, then you’re more likely to be able to make friends with their families.

In those cases, maybe you need to give them a little time to stop seeing you as the person who broke their sister/brother’s heart, otherwise the situation can get difficult and the friendship will not be stable at all.

In addition, you should also ask yourself why you want to continue being friends with your ex’s family, what does that bring to your life, and to theirs, and how is it going to help you heal and take the party in peace with the someone else, who doesn’t necessarily want you around his siblings or relatives.

The possibility of a friendship also depends on the relationship that exists between your ex and his family and how good your relationship with them was from the beginning (it would be very rare to start looking for them when things ended), having interests or other friends who are not necessarily family members in common can be a starting point to decide if this is really a friendship that you should seek or keep.

In which cases is it important to make the attempt?

If you’re running a business together or have kids (or a pet), having your ex’s family in your life can be important, but make sure you’re pursuing that friendship for the right reasons and not to manipulate your ex, make him the impossible life or having a way of “keeping watch” even when you are no longer in their life.

You should only be friends with an ex’s family if you’ve gotten over and accepted the breakup , you know what you want in life, and there’s no longer any complicated emotional drama between you.

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