Frida Kahlo, needless to say, but she has become a real icon, both as an artist and as a woman. Unconventional, contrary to any prejudice, free, strong and combative: Frida was revolutionary, so much so that visitors from all over the world are constantly interested in her exhibitions.
After the film starring Salma Hayek, the documentary “Frida. Viva la Vida ”, produced by Ballandi Arts and Nexo digital in collaboration with Sky Arte. Asia Argento will participate in the docu-film on an extraordinary basis.
“Frida. Viva la Vida ”is a journey through the works but also the photographs, clothes and personal objects of Frida which are not normally accessible to the public. The trailer Frida as you’ve never seen
Frida Kahlo is the artist who more than any other has managed to build a powerful autobiography in images , capable of telling his story intensely: physical pain, the drama of betrayed love and abortions, political commitment. Frida has become, after her death, a pop icon able to gather hundreds of thousands of visitors in the exhibitions dedicated to her and to inspire books, comics, songs, films and even fashion shows. But who really was Frida And how much energy and vitality her canvases give off even when they tell about pain and suffering
This documentary proposes a journey in six chapters in search of Frida, in the heart of Mexico, among cacti, monkeys, deer and parrots, alternating exclusive interviews, period documents, suggestive reconstructions and works by Kahlo herself, including the most famous self-portraits (from the one with Diego Rivera in 1931 to the Due Frida in 1939, from The broken column of 1944 to the wounded Cervo in 1946).
Previewed at the 37th Turin Film Festival – Mobile Party Section and arriving in Italian cinemas only on 25, 26 and 27 November , FRIDA. VIVA LA VIDA is a documentary film produced by Ballandi Arts and Nexo Digital in collaboration withSky Artwhich highlights the two souls of Frida Kahlo (1907-1954): on the one hand the icon, symbol of contemporary feminism, on the other the artist frees despite the constraints of a tortured body. Struck by polio at six and the victim of a car accident that left her disabled at eighteen, she always lived with atrocious pains that haunted her until her death. Nevertheless, thanks to her painting but also to her writings, her way of dressing, her unmistakable style, over the years Kahlo has become a reference model capable of influencing artists, musicians, stylists. Her importance of her has exceeded even her greatness thanks to the intensity and determination with which she faced a life marked by suffering. Pain, while being an essential matter of her work,The conducting of Asia Argento
Sara the actress and director Asia Argentoto lead the viewer to discover the two faces of the painter, following a common thread consisting of the words of Frida herself: letters, diaries and private confessions. The viewer will discover how the painter’s work has its roots in traditional 19th century painting, in Mexican retablos, as well as in the art and commitment of men of her time, from her life partner, Diego Rivera, to Trotsky. After all, after the 1910 revolution, Mexico had tried to rediscover its origins through pre-Columbian iconography in which Frida also explored the identity of opposites: pain and pleasure, darkness and light, moon and sun, life. in death and death in life.

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