Freskissimo is an innovative and unique food for the pet food sector in Italy. In fact it is neither dry nor wet, but represents the first “fresh” food for dogs and cats, already cooked and ready to be consumed.
Made with a few ingredients treated in the simplest way, Freskissimo is a monoproteic food due to the presence of a single animal protein, made from 100% Italian meat, portioned in chicken, turkey or pork morsels.
The growing need of Italians to share their lives, their emotions and the most difficult moments with their four-legged friends is now widespread. Over 60 million pets live in our country: on average 1 for each inhabitant and 2.3 for each family. There are about 7 million dogs and almost 7.5 million cats: data that give a good idea of ​​the size of the market linked to pet food, one of the most dynamic and prosperous sectors in our country for twenty years (Assalco Report Data – Zoomark 2020).
Freskissimo Cane Plus Chicken
The attention to the nutrition of our 4-legged friends has also pushed the evolution of the pet food market towards specific and functional nutrition, guiding consumers to purchase “super-premium” foods with high quality and service content. . Neither dry nor wet, but fresh
Freskissimo is a super-premium product that represents a healthy, appetizing, complete and balanced food, with a high protein value and excellent digestibility, with all the nutritional elements necessary for the well-being of the pet. Its composition has been studied in detail to ensure the right energy and protein intake in the animal’s diet, maintaining health and taste in perfect balance. Features
1) is a complete product : it has a very high protein content and high digestibility (90% digestibility), thanks also to the quality of its main ingredients. It should not be integrated with other foods because a daily ration contains all the nutritional elements necessary for the well-being of one’s animals;
2) its raw materials are of high quality: the meat is 100% Italian, enriched with essential vitamins (A, B, D, E), mineral salts and contains pea proteins, rich in arginine and important for muscle reconstruction, and gluten-free and without added preservatives . In particular, it is also a suitable product for sterilized cats because it promotes the well-being of the urinary tract. It is an easy to chew product, therefore ideal for feeding dogs and cats of all ages (including puppies) and with different lifestyles;
3) its cooking is delicate: the morsels of meat thus preserve the quality of the proteins and essential amino acids of the meat and keep the palatability of the product high;
4) is a comfortable and easy to use product: portioned into tasty morsels ready to be served, the product must always be kept in the refrigerator (between 0 ° C and + 7 ° C) to keep all the nutritional characteristics intact; on the back of the practical open & close packs and indicate the recommended daily ration for each pet, based on weight and age.
Freskissimo Gatto Plus pig The boom of the “pet economy”
In the last 30 years, the life expectancy of pets has doubled: the merit, in addition to the development of veterinary care, is due precisely to the quality of the food. This is why consumers now tend to choose high quality products that ride emerging trends.
The pioneers of this ever-expanding market are the United States (which represents about a quarter of the world pet economy), where health trends, in recent years, have also affected the pet food industry, recording an increase in purchases. of fresh products.
In fact, the progressive awareness is spreading that, as for us human beings, also for our pets the quality of the food is clearly reflected on the physical appearance, health and happiness.

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