Freddy was the biggest dog in the world. It measures 1.3 meters standing on its four legs . His breed could not be other than the Great Dane, considered one of the largest breeds, along with others such as the Saint Bernard, the Newfoundland or the English Mastiff. Standing he was even taller than many NBA players, reaching 2.13 meters in height.
This dog became famous in 2016 for being recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as “The largest dog in the world”. Although this is not the only recognition that Freddy has won, since last year he also won the title of “oldest Great Dane in the world” according to the New York Post.
It was in May 2020 when they celebrated their eighth birthday in the UK with their sister Fleur (another Great Dane who was born a few minutes after him) and their owner Claire Stoneman. She remembers that, curiously enough, Freddy was the youngest of the entire litter and because of that he couldn’t feed on his mother, so they had to separate him and put him up for adoption two weeks earlier than is usually recommended.
Claire recalls that “He was not only the tallest dog, but the one with the most love and the biggest heart . A completely loving dog, who could be fed by hand. He was one in a million and loved by the whole world”, Stoneman details.
For his part, the chief editor of the Guinness Book of World Records has said goodbye to him with a few words: ” Freddy was a very gentle giant. Measuring that mountain of dog was an unforgettable experience, although challenging! I am glad that we have had the opportunity to celebrate her unparalleled immensity in books and to share her story with millions of people around the world.
To feed Freddy and his 95 kilos (remember that Freddy also had a sister from the same litter) they needed a special diet and feed, which meant investing around 500 euros per month .


This breed of dog, also known as German Mastiff,It is characterized by its enormous size , and although it is an imposing dog, anyone who has been in contact with this animal will know that they are very calm and affectionate. The males can measure more than 80 centimeters , while the females measure up to 76 centimeters. Unfortunately, her life expectancy is low , ranging between 6 and 8 years, so Claire can really be proud of having enjoyed so many years of Freddy!

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