One of the greatest Italian artists left us today, May 18, 2021: Franco Battiato. A multifaceted, unreachable artist, who donated his art to him at 360 degrees. Among his many passions, including cinema, we remember the 5 songs that best characterized his career. Hoping that we, here, will be able to honor and remember as we should, a man like him. Franco Battiato’s music Franco Battiato
‘s songs are not only musical masterpieces, but also and above all poems. For this reason, on the day of his death, we want to remember 5 unmissable songs by the singer-songwriter.
Today’s is certainly one of the most painful losses in recent months. Italy loses another cornerstone of its culture. Dario Franceschini himself, in a press release, states:
“He left us a Master. One of the greatest of the Italian songwriting. Unique, inimitable always looking for new artistic expressions. He leaves a perennial legacy ”.
In this article, you can read about his artistic career, his political challenges and his career development. The cure
Before mentioning any other song by Franco Battiato, we must definitely start with “La cura”. An unparalleled masterpiece, published in 1997 and extracted from the L’amboscata album. The song, in digital version, is certified double platinum with over 60,000 copies sold.
I relieve you of pain and mood swings
From the obsessions of your manias I
overcome gravitational currents
Space and light to keep you from getting old
And you will heal from all diseases
Because you are a special being
And I, I will take care of you I want to see you dance
“I want to see you dance” and released for the first time with Franco Battiato’s album “L’arca di Noe” in 1982. This song, which has many references to ethnic music, has also been translated into English and Spanish by Battiato himself .
And it goes all around the room while you dance, dance
And it goes all around the room while you dance And I come to look for
you “And I come to look for you” and the second track of Franco Battiato’s fifteenth album, Fisiognomica, released in 1996. Una real poetry, which led Tiziano Ferro himself to engrave it in his latest Cover album “I accept miracles: the experience of others”.
And I come to look
for you Even just to see you or talk
Because I need your presence
To better understand my essence. The season of love
The season of love is a song extrapolated from Lost Horizons “, the thirteenth studio album by Franco Battiato, released in December 1983. A song that speaks of passions in the third age, mature, aware. A profound look at what, for Battiato, has always been the fulcrum of his music: love.
The season of love comes and goes
Desires hardly ever get old with age
If I think about how badly I spent my time
That it won’t come back, it won’t come back Permanent
center of gravity Permanent center of gravity, it was sung out loud too in the Netflix TV series, remember
(HERE the video).
The single, released as part of the album ” La voce del padrone” in September 1981, sold 60,000 copies. Battiato’s “Center of Permanent Gravity”, a journey in search of self
How many times do we feel lost and at the mercy of events. Franco Battiato treats this sense of bewilderment in “Permanent center of gravity”
I need to
Seeking a permanent center of gravity
That will never make me change my mind about things about people

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