Francesca Neri and Claudio Amendola had to face a complex challenge, that of the disease that struck the actress and kept her away from the scene, but they proved that their love has always been stronger than everything . Despite the crises and the numerous difficulties, even going through a separation, today the couple is more united than ever. Francesca Neri, the words about Claudio Amendola
Although today they are very much in love and more united than ever, the love story with Claudio Amendola has experienced many dark moments, as the actress told the weekly Oggi: ” Claudio is the man who it made the world suffer the most “, he said,” but also the one who loved me the most “.
Now for Francesca the worst has passed and she wants to take back her life, which in recent years has been conditioned by a disease – interstitial cystitis – which forced her into a room of her house, to eat TV series and to leave his great passion, that of acting.
The medicines helped, but it was the unconditional love of her husband, Claudio Amendola, that made her get up when everything was dark around her. To “force” her to get up, there were “many small springs”, as she herself defined them: “Claudio’s heart attack, where I had to appeal to all my strength to take him to the hospital; the illness of my brotherly friend Stefano… I used all my energy to resist, but I never stopped believing in myself ”.
However, the illness led her to even cherish the idea of ​​suicide: “It lasted no more than five seconds, but I had lost my lucidity. In reality, I have always known that if there was a possibility of healing, I would find it ”. Francesca Neri, her husband’s unconditional
love Francesca Neri and Claudio Amendola have shared 25 years of love: so different, yet so similar, the actor never thought of leaving his wife alone during her illness, although she has tried several times to push him awayfor fear of making him suffer: “Pain unites or divides. I have friends who have been sick and separated. When I saw in him the difficulty, the inadequacy, the impotence, I suffered even more and then I thought that, by removing him, I would at least avoid his pain. Many times I told him: “Come on, take Rocco and go”, because in those moments you really want to be alone, knowing that no one can help you “.
Claudio, however, never left, despite the moments of crisis, the anguish, the complicated days, the quarrels: “He saved me,” confessed the actress. A saving love that was by no means taken for granted, but which won this great challenge: “It was a test for both of us”. And she added: “It was a complicated 25 years, in the end and as if we had laid down our weapons. Love wins over everything, they say in fairy tales. But cabbage! Claudio is the man who made me suffer the most in the world, but also the one who loved me the most “.

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