They are our favorite style muses . With them we have rediscovered corduroy pants to once again embrace one of the most comfy trends and from them we have learned that happiness is a red coat with a torn lining and that going for bold colors is synonymous with a great look (thanks, Carmen Gimeno ).
Our mature influencers are our greatest source of inspiration and their looks are just as suitable for women over 60 as for a woman of 20. Although, things as they are, they wear their looks with much more elegance and sophistication than any young woman of 20, that’s why women over 60 are our style muses and that’s why we bring you four looks for women over 60that mature influencers carry better than anyone.
We love that our favorite influencers share their outfits on Instagram so that we can be inspired by them, and to be honest, sometimes even literally copy many of the clothes they show us, but if you notice that sometimes this content becomes repetitive, we have discovered that he women over 60 who are the most active on Instagram have a lot to contribute when it comes to ideas for our outfits.
Experience has given them a lot of wisdom, they know what works for them and what doesn’t, and despite having a very marked style, sometimes they surprise us with combinations that younger influencers would never dare to wear. If something is clear, it is that social networks are not an exclusive platform for the youngest, and that women over 60 are increasingly present in them.
Lately we can’t stop looking at the looks shared by influencers like Carmen Gimeno, Pilar De Arce or Susi Rejano . We are obsessed with the way they bet on color, layers and the trends of the moment, always managing to take them to their field.
Of course, our life motto cannot be other than to share is to live, for this reason, we are going to offer you the looks that we have signed this season of the mature influencers who have turned them into style muses before our eyes.

Susi Rejano’s retro print

Susi Rejano combines pants with a geometric print , one of the season’s hottest trends, in an elegant and essential piece in this apparently simple look. Black stiletto heels with glitter, a black long-sleeved blouse and a maxi necklace are her bet to make the retro fall trend her own.

Pilar de Arce’s ‘total look’ in brown

This total lookbrown have us in love. Combining a corduroy suit that has everything we need to be divine (jacket with lapels and knee-length, ankle-length and flared pants) with a basic t-shirt, glasses and sandals in the same tones , Pilar De Arce has achieved the autumn look . Warm, comfortable and super trendy.

Tweed jacket by Carmen Gimeno

Carmen Gimeno is one of our favorite influencers for her super striking and risky style. Without a doubt, this combination of jeans, white basic and tweed jacket is one of her favorites, but every time we see her with this outfit she convinces us again that we should try it. Suitable for day to day without being a boring outfit, we love the choice of sneakers to give it a very casual touch.

Ana Antolin’s mini dress with jeans

We never thought of wearing dresses over jeans again, one of the most repudiated trends of the 2000s , but it is seeing how Ana Antolin combines a green mini dress with jeans and rethinking our reticence. We love the choice of color (a must for the season), the matching jacket and, above all, the nude platform loafers.

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