The wardrobe is one of the essential furnishing elements of the sleeping area, an element that often furnishes other rooms of the house and that we could define as fundamental for its ability to contain and keep everything in order. Considered one of the oldest pieces in the history of furniture and, today, proposed with different solutions, also for this reason its choice may not be very simple.
Sizes, tastes, budget and needs can sometimes confuse, to select the most suitable model you need to pay great attention and orient yourself on something that meets the needs of the family, but above all, is functional and appropriately proportioned to the type of space that will host it. .
Visible or hidden, on the wall or as a walk-in closet, today the market offers a wide range within which to choose the most suitable solution. To better orient yourself, here are 4 interesting models to start from that can guide you in your choice. 1. Custom wardrobe for the sleeping area but not only
The most common destination for the wardrobe is usually the sleeping area and the bedroom, but you can also consider the option of making a wardrobe in other rooms of the house, such as in the living room or in spaces such as the entrance or the corridor … In these cases, as well as for the bedroom, if an oversized wardrobe is required, the hypothesis of evaluating a customized model that occupies the available space to the nearest centimeter can be a very valid solution. To make this type of wardrobes you can resort to the work of a skilled craftsman or to pre-composed solutions, which can be customized on a drawing and assembled starting from standard modules available on the market even in large chains that sell furniture.2. Walk-in closet only if there are the right conditions
Considered a bit the dream of all women (and not only), the walk-in closet is one of the most loved and desired types of closet in recent years. Certainly an interesting solution, but not always easily replicable, especially when large combinations are imagined as real studio apartments for the walk-in closet. Creating smaller solutions is possible, even in smaller spaces, but always thinking carefully about what to do first.
It will be advisable to evaluate with an expert overall dimensions and dimensions, accessibility and interior fittings, in order to create something that is functional and above all practical. Also for this kind of solutions on the market it is possible to find different combinations to be developed, customized and “adapted” to the space and budget available and this applies both to the walk-in wardrobes directly overlooking the sleeping area, and to the combinations that have walls or partitions. The advice is to think very clearly about what you want by evaluating the internal composition very well, but also how much space the walk-in closet steals from the bedroom in order to evaluate, in the design phase, the feasibility of the thing and any other solutions. 3. Wall-mounted with fixed or sliding doors
It is the most traditional solution, above all, when the wardrobe is placed in the bedroom. Small or large with 2, 4 or 6 doors the wall wardrobe and for small, medium and large bedrooms the easier option. When choosing a model of this type, what can vary is the type of doors. Whether you go on tradition with hinged doors or on something more innovative with sliding solutions, the doubt should not be exclusively aesthetic. Elements related to the functionality and use of space are 2 of the elements to be considered upstream of the choice.
Bedrooms, or more generally large rooms open to hinged doors because in line with all the space and use needs, obviously not having the limit of opening several doors at the same time. Another thing in the case of a small and not too large room, with these conditions the sliding doors will be preferred because they will reduce the frontal dimensions to a minimum. 4. Bridge wardrobe for XS solutions
And when space is little, if not very little, on which type of wardrobe to orientate
The answer could come from the deck cabinets. A versatile and functional idea that reduces and optimizes space even when the bedrooms, and more generally the houses, are not really big. To be developed according to the needs, both for single beds and for double beds, the solution of a bridge wardrobe can cover the entire wall that acts as the headboard, or just a part of it, and have the most configurations inside. disparate.
The great advantage of these models is that they occupy a single wall, a feature that makes these solutions perfect if you are in the position of having to strive to respond to a real need for space inside the rooms. In addition, the bridge wardrobes today are available in many variations of models and finishes and with very interesting proposals ranging from solutions for the little ones to the most essential proposals that can be customized according to needs. Available space, elements to preserve and certainly taste and style, these are the elements to be very clear when venturing into the not-so-simple choice of a wardrobe. An important purchase, to always be made with the utmost attention and without letting oneself be conquered by temporary fashions or dormant desires to satisfy.

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