His grandfather, Arcadio Cobo, was shot in the 1936 war. His granddaughter, Nuria Martinez Cobo, Nuria Cobo in the Mendez Nunez shoe store on the corner of Rosario, wears a 39, a kenzo, a nude pink platform sandal, fashion skin pink this season. The two figures intersect because the death of his grandfather, a Sierra Magina anarchist, left his grandmother Dolores a widow “and my father had to make a living very soon.”
Andalusians from Jaen, as the poet sang, Nuria’s parents, Arcadio and Manuela, go to Madrid and from the capital to Elche, a footwear paradise. In the city of palm trees their daughter was born in July 1970. At the age of eleven they arrived in Seville. Neighbor of Nervion, after Los Remedios. He went to Aljarafe school. “I went to Madrid and took the opportunity to see one of my best friends, Laura Rojas-Marcos, a psychologist, the psychiatrist’s daughter, a schoolmate.”
This prodigious shoemaker chooses the Book Fair as the destination of the walk. Mendez Nunez Street is linked to the phrase of the sailor with which he agrees more and more: “Yes, better honor without ships than ships without honor; this crisis is removing the trash and lets us see what is essential.” In the Book Fair, work of culture, Nuria vindicates the culture of work. There is a part of her that never came from Elche. From there and from Elda come their shoes, which are a must for weddings and parties.
“The enterprising and fighting part I bring from there. In Levante, in the factories they were paid on Fridays. I love the mentality of the south, but I do not part with that Levantine part”. And uproarious. She greets the painter Ricardo Suarez and they talk about the saints of Zurbaran. In addition to dresses, footwear is valued
“I can’t judge because I haven’t seen it. It was inaugurated on Friday and in this city they always invite the same people to inaugurations.”
I started Right, I didn’t finish. “I don’t feel frustrated about it. I started working very young, and earning money. In fact, all my friends studied and I was the one paying for the drinks.” She arrives at the Book Fair read. “I’m reading Cavalleria rusticana.” The novel on which the opera at the end of the third part of The Godfather is based. Recommends Happiness is tea with you, by Mamen Sanchez. “A hilarious book that reiterates my conviction that the simplest is never the easiest.” Its main author, Garcia Marquez.
Through the Plaza Nueva he greets Eusebio Leon and Juan Maria del Pino. “I know them from Twitter, I’m a super tweeter, I’ve had a website for eight years and a shoe blog.” When work allows it, she would like to learn to dance bulerias and to cook. The daughter and granddaughter of Arcadios has her happy Arcadia in her shoes, “they are more oases than cells.” He lived four years in Portugal, in Faro, to which he owes his passion for Brazilian music, without disdaining Sabina, a countryman of his ancestors. Traveling is another of his passions. “I travel very little, I have three children.” The men came first: Alberto and Alejandro. And the little one, Nuria, made her even more Nuria Cobo. “When I was pregnant with her, I decided that I had to go back to Seville, to the store, cobbler to your shoes.”
He likes to stroll through the Alcazar, cross the bridges that connect this side with Los Remedios and Triana and walk to his store through Santa Maria la Blanca, stopping for breakfast reading the newspaper. As he saw “more than once” his father rise from the ashes of adversity, he does not understand that young people “are kept away from their parents’ work, as a taboo. Studying is fine, but working is study life. He had a store in Cadiz with his brother. “These are times to grow more virtual than physically. To be very careful. And a lot of push too.”

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