Just open Instagram and Tik Tok to see that fluo hair, pastel shades and colored hair in general are an unstoppable trend. They are cheerful colors, to match with your outfit, your mood or simply to express your personality. Pink, blue, green, peacock, lilac, yellow any shade is allowed and, indeed, most of the time the ideal is to create shades of various colors or even choose to color half head of one color and half of another or, for those who don’t feel like making a drastic change, color only the tips.
But be careful: to make them, we often subject the hair to a lot of stress due to the discoloration, which is necessary to make fluo hair or pastel shades .and let’s not forget that maintaining these colors is not easy, as they tend to fade very quickly. In this article we see just how to treat colored hair , how to repair hair from bleaching and how to keep the color vivid and bright.

  • Step 1: bleaching is needed
  • It’s time to color your fluo hair or pastel hair
  • Take care of the color so it doesn’t fade
  • Attention to styling: don’t overdo it

Step 1: bleaching is needed
There is no escape, there is no escape: if you want pastel or fluo hair you will have to bleach it. In fact, these types of dyes do not work with oxidation and it is not necessary to use oxygen, but to make them adhere to the hair and make them show you must necessarily bleach the hair to make it practically very light blond or white. Only in this way, in fact, the color you apply later will be clearly visible, bright but above all it will really be the color chosen and will not take strange reflections.
Bleaching your hair at home is not that easy, especially if you choose to dye all your hair with neon or pastel colorsand if you have long hair. To carry out the bleaching you need the bleach and oxygen, but pay attention to the right doses and above all remember that the shutter speed and quantity changes if you bleach your natural hair or if you have other colors underneath. It is obviously easier to bleach natural hair, because it will lighten much faster and there will be fewer reflections to correct.
If, on the other hand , you discolor already dyed hair , remember that it is more difficult if you have a dark or black color, because the discoloration could be very yellow or orange and it will be necessary to correct the tone with a blue reflector, to eliminate unwanted reflections from the hair.
If you decide to bleach yourself at home, still ask for advice from a hairdresser or in the shop where you will buy the necessary, so that they know how to show you the best method for your hair.
In any case, for this first step, it is better to rely on a professional because there is a high risk with DIY of burning your hair or breaking it and, later, you will be forced to cut it, in some cases even very short or do a buzz cut if the discoloration breaks them near the root. On the other hand, it is easier to maintain the discoloration by retouching only the root. How to remedy the damage of discoloration
After bleaching the hair is brittle, because the scales of the hair rise to remove the natural pigmentation. To remedy the damage of a very strong lightening you will need to take care of your hair with restructuring, nourishing and plumping treatments.
There are many products you can use, but you will need to be consistent and remember to apply these treatments often at home, at least once a week. Specific masks for bleached, breakable, brittle hair are ideal. One of the most famous and complete treatments is Olaplex Hair Perfector , which is applied in the salon during bleaching but which includes several phases to be used even at home, first of all Olaplex Hair Perfector N.3, to ensure that the hair is immediately plumped, less bristly, frizzy and decidedly more luminous.
Olaplex, Hair Perfector N.3. Price: € 52.45 (250ml) on LookFantastic.it
Another problem of bleached hair that you will have to keep in mind is oxidation, that is that yellowish reflection that we want to avoid so much. After the bleaching, the hairdresser will carry out an anti-yellow treatment immediately after the lightening but over time the pigment will tend to resurface but, guess what
It is possible to fight it easily even at home using an anti-yellow shampoo to counteract unwanted reflections to which you can also combine a mask .
It is fun to use because it is totally blue: the blue pigment in fact dampens the yellow color and using it you can tone the hair bringing it back to a colder blond. Attention! If you decide to do it at home, try it first on a strand to understand how long to leave it on, otherwise you could end up with hair with blue highlights … which could also be a great idea! It’s time to color your fluo hair or pastel hair
Now that you have lightened and toned your hair you can proceed to apply the color you have chosen for your change of look. With the colored masks
The application is really very simple because there are colored masks that also make the hair very soft and certainly do not spoil it. They are colors that go away after a few washes, which is why it is necessary to keep the color.
Although they are not permanent dyes, take into account that, even if fading, with certain colors such as blues or those that contain red, the blond underneath may remain slightly stained. So if you want to go back to blond or change your fluo hair or choose another pastel hair color you will first have to eliminate the residues and retonalize them. With semi-permanent colors
Semi-permanent dyes last a little longer than colored masks, although with washing they will tend to discharge anyway. Having pure pigments inside, once applied on the hair they will take exactly the color you have chosen, especially starting from a very light base, so do a test on a hidden lock if you are not sure of the color that will come out. For fluo hair you will have to use the dye as well as or at most mix more colors to create the perfect shade for you, while to create pastel hair you can buy already mixed colors or create them yourself. You will need to mix the tint of the chosen color, for example pink, with some conditioner or mask, to soften the brilliance of the color and create the perfect pastel shade ..
Pay attention to the application: it is true that it is very simple because it is almost like applying a mask to the hair, but better divide them into sections and help you with a brush for the dye. You will have to be careful to apply the color all over your hair, otherwise when you dry it you will notice spots where the color is darker or where the hair has remained blond. If you can, get someone to help you especially for the back, otherwise check with a mirror that you have applied the color evenly. Special effects
Have fun creating not only color, but playing with shades to create special effects. For example, you can divide your hair into two sections by making a middle parting and then coloring half the head with pink and half leaving it blonde, or choosing two colors that go well together or trying half a head in a color and half dark.
In the latter case, if you already have dark hair, do not bleach the whole head but only the half that you want to dye with fluorescent or pastel colors . If, on the other hand, you don’t want to be a slave to regrowth for discoloration, do it only on the tips, remembering to blend it with your hands (always remember the gloves!) On the lengths so as not to create a sharp detachment. Then apply the pastel or fluorescent color on the bleached part and enjoy!Take care of the color so it does not fade
Unfortunately, these “crazy” colors tend to fade very quickly and lose intensity, so wash your hair only when it is really necessary. In this way the color will last longer, so try to lengthen the period between washes, for example by using dry shampoo or keeping the hair collected when it is no longer fresh from the fold.
It is also important to use specific products for colored hair that are formulated precisely to take care of the color, fix it, make it fade less quickly and above all have ingredients that make them soft, nourishing and moisturizing them even with masks.
Super tip: to keep the color, mix a little of the color of your choice with the conditioner or mask in order to obtain a colored conditioner or mask. Leave it on for about ten minutes and rinse, in this way you will have hydrated your hair but you will also have refreshed the color … two in one! Attention to styling: do not overdo it
Yes, fluo hair and pastel hair are even more beautiful with the fold done, whether it is smooth or wavy but if you do not want to ruin the color or, above all, the hair, you will have to pay attention to the styling.
Try to reduce the use of straighteners and irons and dry your hair without heat because they are already very stressed by bleaching and, you know, hot tools are certainly not ideal for keeping hair healthy because they tend to dry them and damage them. along go the tips. Try to leave them natural or adopt systems without heat: for example you can sleep with one or more braids and then melt them in the morning to get perfect beach waves or you can use the bathrobe belt method , for a soft wavy crease that seems to be done with the iron.
If you really can’t give up on a plate and iron, however, absolutely remember to use a thermal protector, which is a product that protects the hair from heat, thus reducing the damage caused by high temperatures.

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