Discover all the trendy floors to complete your modern home
You want to create an interior design with a truly unique and exclusive look
The first step is undoubtedly the choice of floors . These give the overall appearance of the house a specific atmosphere, depending on the material, color and shape. To set a certain climate, it is important to choose carefully: a certain option will influence the decor, precisely because the floor and the background for all the elements of the house. You are looking for the perfect floor for your new home or for the renovation of your old home
In this article we will present you the trendy floors for all of 2022:

  • Modern floors 2022
  • Resin floor
  • Porcelain stoneware
  • Concrete floor
  • Bleached wood
  • Floor color trends 2022

Modern floors 2022 Flooring trends change from year to year, as a consequence of the imposition of new standards to be respected. In addition to this, the development of the technologies used allows to obtain a greater variety of choice. 2022 modern floors are perfect for spaces with a minimal chic style. The most popular are those made of resin and wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles . The preferred format is the large one and the floor is applied homogeneously throughout the house, so as to give the impression of very large spaces. As for the colors, the neutral ones harmonize with all styles of furniture: we are therefore talking about light gray, anthracite gray or sand.Resin floor
You want a type of floor with a modern and wear-resistant look, using a medium budget.
The resin floor is the right choice for you! Initially used only in industrial spaces, resin floors have conquered domestic living spaces for many years. A big point in their favor is represented by the aesthetic result, perfect both for an industrial style and for a home with a refined and elegant look. Wear resistance and maintenance practicality are two other aspects to take into consideration. The resin floorsallow a low-impact renovation, avoiding inconvenience and demolition. In fact, thanks to the thickness of 4-5 millimeters, they do not always involve the modification of doors and frames. Furthermore, the costs of a resin floor are lower than those for marble, parquet and grits. Porcelain stoneware Porcelain stoneware is one of
the most used materials in modern construction and will also be in trend throughout 2022. But what is it
Porcelain stoneware is a compact ceramic made up of two elements: the support and the glazed part. The first helps to obtain maximum resistance, while the second guarantees a certain aesthetic value. These two elements form a single piece, a homogeneous mass with certain technical characteristics loved by modern builders. Porcelain stoneware is resistant and perfectly counterbalances chemical and atmospheric agents. This material is defined, precisely, as porcelain because it has a water absorption coefficient of less than 0.5%, according to UNI technical standards. There is no doubt that porcelain stoneware tiles will be part of the trends of 2022 and subsequent years, thanks to the advantageous technical characteristics: resistance to wear of time, abrasion, foot traffic, chemicals, etc. Furthermore, aesthetically, porcelain stoneware is the best choice. For example, thewood-effect porcelain stoneware gives spaces a modern and contemporary elegance.
Concrete floor Concrete is a very versatile, economical and long-lasting material. A concrete floorand modern, minimal and allows to obtain smooth and non-slip surfaces, resistant to impact and stains. It is a long lasting and easy to clean material. Like resin, concrete has also moved from industrial environments to domestic spaces with a refined and contemporary look. Cement has excellent conductivity and is therefore perfect for floor systems. Furthermore, it allows continuous applications, without joints, so as to avoid the accumulation of dirt and impurities. This material allows you to create many effects of great aesthetic value. Based on the finish and type of concrete flooring, it is possible to obtain different types of concrete floors: smooth and polished concrete floors, trowel concrete floors, etched concrete floors, vitrified concrete floors, painted concrete floors. Bleached wood Wood
is the material that never goes out of style for floors. However, the brown tones fell off the podium, giving way to more delicate nuances. Therefore, one of the trends of the moment is to use bleached wood . What is it about
This is a process that removes the brown cover through the use of a specific chemical. What you get is a softened, bleached wood, perfect for lighting the room. This neutral shade manages to fit harmoniously with any furniture or furnishing accessory. Floor color trends 2022
2022 will be the year of natural colors , from gray to lighter shades . Dark colors will not be out of fashion, but still they will not hold the podium of trends. Industry specialists advise avoiding too intense shades such as red. Let’s see together the most popular shades in 2022 :

  • White or white undertones : by choosing this color you will get a super bright and relaxing room;
  • Classic gray : it is a color that, chosen in its various shades, combines perfectly with the other colors. It will therefore be very easy to furnish the various rooms with the floor of this nuance;
  • Walnut : if you want warm and welcoming rooms, choose the natural color of the wood.

After these tips, all you have to do is make your choice: give your home a trendy floor , creating the right background for your design furniture !

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