During the renovation of your home there are many aspects that must be kept in mind and there must always be a combination between the practicality of the materials and the quality of the same.
When we talk, for example, of floors for the home, they must have certain characteristics so that they are both beautiful to the eye and practical to live them every day.
There are various types of floors for the home:
first of all parquet, which has always been the material par excellence in furnishing an apartment, followed by laminate floors, PVC, tiles, resins, carpets and so on.
In this article, where we talk about flooring for the home, let’s see in detail the differences and characteristics of parquet flooring.Floors for the house: the substrate
Let’s start by saying that any floor for the house we are going to choose, the substrate is the main key for an excellent result or for an absolute disaster;
in fact, although there are different types of substrates and different types of laying, the common characteristic for floors for the home is that of having compact and stable substrates.
So starting from an excellent substrate (or one that does not have major structural problems) we certainly start off on the right foot!
From here we understand together, in case you would like to put a parquet in the house how to move. Let’s talk about flooring for the home, let’s talk about parquet, what you need to know
The first thing to understand when we want to put a parquet floor is to choose between a solid parquet or a pre-finished parquet.
In the first case the parquet and the classic one that has always been on the market, the “full thickness” parquet which is then worked on site.
Generally it is the classic lamparquet (small strip size 10 × 50/60 × 250/300 mm) available in various essences (oak, iroko, doussie.merbau, teak, walnut, etc.) which is glued and worked on site.
Calculate that on average between sanding, painting and dead drying times a solid parquet requires about 3 weeks of processing.
You can also have larger formats of solid parquet but the downside is that the larger the format, the more unstable the product.
This defect is remedied with pre-finished parquet which, thanks to the counterbalance of the wood (it can be a two or three-layer strip), has a part of wood that pulls from one side to the other, thus creating stability.
The pre-finished product offers many more options of choice than a solid wood.
The formats available range from the classic 40 cm long plank up to even 2.2 meters long planks.
The processing is much shorter as the material is already ready and therefore only has to be glued or, in the case of large formats, mounted floating.
The pre-finished product also exists in all the essences listed above and many more with the exception that in the case of the pre-finished one can also have a series of colors (bleached, antiqued, etc.) and processes (planing, mottling) that cannot always be have on solid wood.
Important thing: to be declared parquet the pre-finished must have at least 2.5 mm of noble essence, we advise you to always opt for materials with at least 4 mm of noble essence so that over time the wood can be evigued as needed at least another 2 / 3 times.
These are the two large branches of the parquet house once we have identified the type we like, we begin to choose the essence and the format!
The floors for the house must be chosen according to the spaces, the furniture and the light.Here are the questions that help us understand what to choose
The rooms in the house are spacious
-YES, we can therefore opt for floors with even larger sizes, the planks, which being beveled (perimeter processing that highlights their size) show their amplitude highlighting the large spaces of the house, giving an original and refined touch.
-NO, the spaces are small but we can highlight them with smaller formats. Many small / medium format strips put together give the sense of a larger room, highlighting the space.
The environment in the house is bright
YES, the environment is bright and therefore I can take advantage of both light and dark colors without problems!
NO, to avoid darkening the environment it is good to choose essences with a neutral and clear tone that give light to an already dimly lit environment.
What kind of furniture do I want to do at home
In this case, the subjective sphere and personal taste come into play.
Oak is undoubtedly the essence that goes best with any type of modern and non-modern furniture.
If you want to create contrasts with dark-tone furnishings, you can think of going on a bleached oak that gives light and a game of contrast, vice versa on a tendentially light furniture where you want to break with a dark tone we can opt for an iroko, a doussie or an aged and darkened oak.
These 3 simple questions can help you choose the right floor for your home.
Another factor to take into consideration when choosing the floor in the house is its hardness.
When you have children or animals, the wear of the floor will certainly be higher and subject to small domestic accidents such as scratches and scratches, and therefore it is fair to know that essences such as teak and iroko are softer than an oak or a doussie (just to name a few examples) and therefore more prone to damage.
For pro, the softest woods are by far the ones that withstand humidity better (think that teak is also mounted on boats) and can therefore be excellent choices in houses located on the ground floor and therefore more subject to humidity or in rooms such as the bathroom.
Another advice to give you for the floor of the house if you choose a parquet is that if you opt for a floor with matt varnish, brushed (surface processing in relief), choice of lively wood (with flames and knots) you will have a floor that over time will hide better the signs of aging; while on a floor with a mirrored surface, smooth and homogeneous it is easier to see scratches and so on.
In both cases, the advice I can give is always the same: if you choose a floor for the house that is parquet with him, choose a floor that will accompany you in your life and will talk about you with its signs and its imperfections.
If you need advice parquetlivorno.it can help you in the design of your idea of ​​floor for the house.

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