A special relationship, perhaps not traditional, but no less special or profound. Flavio Briatore spoke in an interview with Leni Klum, but also Nathan Falco, about life and work.
Over the years the relationship with Leni, had with the supermodel Heidi Klum has been at the center of gossip. Above all because the entrepreneur had not recognized her, then it was he himself who explained that he had not done so because it was Seal who had raised her and with whom the model had been married to fill the role of her father. Today the bond with Leni has become closer and Briatore talked about it in the course of an interview. Flavio Briatore, the relationship with Leni Klum
Fravio Briatore talked about his relationship with Leni Klum(but not only) during an interview with La Repubblica. The entrepreneur told of his extended family explaining: “We met Leni again this summer in Capri, there were Elisabetta, Falco, mother Heidi, her husband, their children”. Then he added: “I feel with Heidi. And Falco is happy to have a sister. We told him that she was grown up, a couple of years ago, and he told me: Dad, I already knew ”. According to what he said, in fact, the two were already following each other on social networks: “They had done everything before and better than us adults”.
Her relationship with Leni and her special and the words that Briatore used to describe her during the interview show how he loves her very much: ” I adore Leni and I am very proud of her., recently had the cover of Vogue Germany – he explained -. And not only beautiful, but strong and independent, enthusiastic about life, even if I have no merit in that and I thank Heidi for how she raised her. The problem in our dating is the distances, because she lives in Los Angeles. The real father who raised her was Seal and I have a good relationship with him. I don’t have the “day to day” relationship with her that I have with Falco, this is logical. But it doesn’t mean you love her less “.
During the interview there was no lack of words of deep love also for Nathan Falco, who had been married to Elisabetta Gregoraci. And precisely with regard to her relationship with the latter, he stated: “I am convinced that intelligence is fundamental. You may be separated by not having a relationship with your child’s mother, but this does not mean destroying the family. The important thing is not to create a trauma to the children. My son is free to stay with me, with her, wherever he wants, let’s try to vacation together if possible, see you as before. And Elisabetta is a very good mother , we have never quarreled, stories begin and end, but our family does not end “. Leni Klum, following in the footsteps of mother Heidi Born
in 2004, in May Leni Klum blows out 18 candles. She and she are the first daughter of super supermodel Heidi Klum and inherited the beauty of her who pierces the target from her mother. In fact, she has followed in his footsteps and with great success. Suffice it to say that her debut in the fashion world and with her first cover came together with her mother on the German edition of Vogue. Since then there have been other successes: she walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana in Venice together with Deva Cassel, daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. Among her most recent works, the double cover for Harper’s Bazaar Germany together with her mother. Good blood does not lie and the beauty of Leni Klum emerges with every shot.

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