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In the past few hours, Flavio Briatore has been hospitalized to undergo a small operation, as he himself revealed on social media: apparently everything went very well, and he will soon be able to go home. Among the many wishes from friends and fans, Elisabetta Gregoraci ‘s one could not be missing . As proof of how their relationship is still filled with affection, despite the fact that the love is over. Flavio Briatore operated, as he is
Only a handful of hours ago, Flavio Briatore had shared on Instagram a video in which he complained about the conditions of the Italian motorways. Blocked for hours in line along the route that connects Munich to Milan, he had taken up some of his time precisely to make this public complaint. And if the fans had immediately appeared rather tried, the reason soon came to the surface: he was in fact going to the San Raffaele hospital , the health excellence of the Lombard capital, to undergo a small operation.
He revealed it himself on Instagram, after the operation has now taken place: “Yesterday I underwent an Achilles tendon tenorrhaphy operation”- he explained, thanking all the staff who took care of him, and especially his friend Alberto Zangrillo. “Everything went well and I am about to be discharged. Now a period of inactivity awaits me, but I will continue to work and remain active, as always ”- concluded the entrepreneur. Along with the message, Flavio posted a photo of him sitting on his hospital bed , with a leg brace and two crutches next to him. And his relaxed face clearly suggests that the post-operative recovery has already begun.
On the other hand, the surgery was not particularly complicated. What he had to undergo is a simple Achilles tendon suture, which can rupture as a result of trauma or due to its degeneration. What is the reason for Briatore’s injury is not known, but what is certain is that everything went well and soon the entrepreneur will be back in perfect shape. Just a little rest and a little more attention await him, for an optimal recovery. But that certainly won’t stop him from working. Briatore, the support of Elisabetta Gregoraci
Elisabetta Gregoraci, the ex-wife of Briatore, has decided to make him feel all her supportright on Instagram, commenting on the post in which the entrepreneur announced his intervention. She probably couldn’t stay close to him physically, because these days the showgirl seems to be very busy. In fact, on her social networks we see her taken in long hair and make-up sessions for an important photo shoot , which will surely have kept her away from home for hours. But she still wanted to show her support to the man who, for her, still holds a special role.
Although their love has died out a long time ago, Elisabetta and Flavio have never broken off relations. They did it for the sake of their son, Nathan Falco. But also because they were so mature that they were able to overcome difficulties and misunderstandings, establishing a beautiful relationship based on mutual affection. That affection that allows them to spend even the holidays together, of which they shared a few moments with their fans, posting beautiful photos on Instagram .
Flavio Briatore, the photo on Instagram post intervention

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