The French bob haircut has us absolutely in love, much more than the paraded blunt cut that is so popular this summer. Despite being an irresistible and very sophisticated haircut (it is to blame that the most trendy highlights of the summer have gone into the background), it can be too daring, even for those who are not afraid of anything because the hair grows.
With a super sophisticated and glamorous style , reminiscent of the most stylish Parisians from the neighboring country, the French bob also presents alternatives so that we can bet on it in a slightly less daring version . Although without losing an iota of style and glamour.
As with other types of haircuts, the French bob that we know presents alternatives to show off a change of look with more style than that of the Parisians themselves. Long French bob, tousled French bob, lip-length bob… Discover the five types of French bob that we have discovered with the help of L’Oreal experts and decide on the one that best suits your Parisian style.

Messy french bob

If you wake up late and comb your hair in a hurry with your fingers, nothing happens. This is precisely one of the ways to achieve the slightly tousled effect that French women like so much . What is not seen
The frizz. To exploit the volume and natural texture of your hair without things getting out of control, opt for a serum.

Tousled french bob

We saw at the time that tousled hair was the latest trend in waves and yes, it also fits divinely with this bob. A touch of hairspray and you already have a textured and romantic hairstyle for a while .

Sleek french bob

The slick version of this haircut has a lot in common with the blunt bob that swept last season, though it adds the fringe factor (if you will), subtracts perfection, and works with the ends inward . Whether you style them with the dryer or with the iron, make sure to apply an anti-frizz protector beforehand.

lip-length bob
Quite a tribute to Amelie and the French women of the 20s (more wearable, yes). In this case, it is worn very short, at the height of the mouth, and with the tips of the front facing upwards. Do you see how much volume it takes on the sides

Well, that’s how it manages to round off and soften the features . If you don’t want a hair to move, pull hairspray.

Long french bob

To keep the cut, you should go through the hairdresser every month and a half. But, for the record, this is by no means an obligation. You can always let the hair grow a little(without reaching the shoulders, yes). The same goes for the fringe: here it is also optional. Parting in the middle —imperfect, you know—, split ends, an extra shine with oil and the French touch will continue with you.

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