We are already more than used to wearing masks. We know that wearing them is the only way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and we are clear that wearing them is not an option, it is an obligation. We have so assumed that we must wear them, that we have even dared to return to our usual makeup routines .
And not only that, we have also decided to paint our lips again , because we already know what the tricks are to avoid staining our mask and blurring all our lipstick. What we still haven’t finished controlling are the adverse effects that the mask causes on our skin. Acne , irritations , dryness or redness are some of theconsequences that our skin suffers as a result of wearing a mask.
At this point, there is a rare person who has not suffered the effects of maskne on their own skin. According to dermatologists, the constant friction with the fibers of the masks and the persistent humidity of the breath cause bacteria to accumulate together with the fat of the skin and pimples appear in the chin area . We can try specific products to treat the skin and minimize the appearance of pimples and even use specific products created for the maskne effect, but it is also very important that we follow a series of recommendations and tips to care for the skin and avoid the appearance of pimples, redness and irritations.
For this we have spoken with Laia Martin, training manager of the Danish firm Grums Aarhus in Spain, who gives us five tips to avoid it and, in addition, recommends a light formulation serum perfect for these times of pandemic and mask.

Facial cleansing is vital

Laia Martin advises to be very scrupulous with cleansing. “Now more than ever it is important that you do not skip your facial hygiene routine, which you should do twice a day. I recommend using specific gels and soaps for acne or sensitive skin and do not hesitate to use a cleansing mask once or twice a day. the week for a deeper cleaning”, recommends the expert.

change your mask
Since the pandemic began, doctors and experts have constantly warned about the importance of wearing masks for the recommended time . In addition to complying with the times to prevent the masks from losing their effectiveness, it is also important to do so to prevent your skin from becoming irritated and pimples from appearing. “In addition to keeping your reusable masks clean, if you have an outbreak of acne in the area, switch to surgical masks and strictly follow the times of use “, advises the expert Laia Martin.

Use specific toners in the area

We know that the toner is a fundamental and indispensable element in our facial hygiene routine. Restores the pH of our skinand ends the cleaning process, removing possible traces of dirt from the face and helping to close the pores , therefore, if we want to avoid (or minimize) the appearance of pimples, the toner must be more present than ever in our beauty care. In addition, it is important that we use specific products.
“Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, among others, can help you keep pimples at bay. Of course, do not use them if you have wounds and it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist before introducing certain products into your routine,” he advises us. Martin.

Avoid touching the area

How many times would your mother have told you during your adolescence not to touch the pimples
It may be that at that stage of your life you did not take much notice of carrying out a small act of (stupid) rebellion, but now you must heed that warning from your mother that the expert Laia Martin also seconded.
“We know it’s complicated, but it’s the most important thing. We can pass a lot of bacteria to the skin and get it infected . Avoid touching your face whenever you can,” the expert advises us.

Treat the chin as a different area

Sometimes we have to treat different areas of the face differently, especially because their needs are not the same and we may be further aggravating a problem whose solution is simple.
Perhaps, in this last period, the moisturizer you use is too much for that area, so it is recommended that you try to use a lighter serum or cream . “Because of its clean and hypoallergenic formula, I recommend using Hydracalm Face Serum from Grums Aarhus, which works very well for sensitive skin, as it helps maintain healthy skin thanks to its relaxing antioxidant and protective properties of recycled coffee grounds extract; while that hyaluronic acid and glycerin provide a strong water retention effect that increases the hydration and elasticity of the skin”, recommends the expert.
It is a serum that is a moisturizing trio -based on plants- that helps reduce moisture loss, strengthens the skin barrier and favors the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. It has a price of 34.95 euros.

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