Having discovered that wearing a Halloween costume without losing sophistication and elegance has made us look with different eyes at what we thought was a children’s party. Finding the best Halloween costume has become our main concern these days and we also want to apply Halloween makeup ideas for children to ourselves.
It is clear that Halloween is one of the favorite dates for makeup lovers : a thousand possible options, the perfect excuse to recreate bloody characters … The only thing that can fail at this time is inspiration and that has an easy solution.
We have searched for someHalloween makeup that we feel like perfect for you to be inspired and thus, adapting them to your style and your artistic abilities, you can become the queen of the party this Halloween. If you are not sure what to dress up as this Halloween, these last minute makeup will give you the solution.
It is the perfect time to let your creativity fly and dare with makeup that you cannot wear so often on a daily basis. The options are endless, from Marvel superheroines , Disney princesses, characters from scary movies…
Whether you are not convinced by dressing up and prefer to bet on a good terrifying make-up, or if you already have your Halloween costume readyand you just need to finish off with the final touch on your face, we are sure that these 5 super easy makeup options for Halloween will come in handy to finish deciding, especially if a last minute party has fallen from the sky.

Harley Quinn, the eternal protagonist of Halloween

Harley Quinn is undoubtedly one of the most repeated costumes on Halloween in recent years, but we cannot deny that we still love it. There are a thousand ways to recreate this character, but this one has completely convinced us. Colored shadows, two low pigtails and red lips; you are ready to act, for a day at least, as a true villain.

Black color and special lenses, beginner level Halloween makeup
If you don’t have much experience with makeup, a good idea is to play it safe. Dark eyeliner and black lips plus special contact lenses, which can be white, red or whatever color you prefer, are the perfect combination to achieve a terrifying but surprisingly easy to recreate make-up.

Katrina makeup, makeup to relive the Day of the Dead

We have the perfect option for you to dress up as one of the characters from the movie Coco (yes, the one that made us cry so much). This makeup of mama Imelda is complex, but you can simplify it by looking only at the details: black eyes, hollow nose, teased hair… you’ll be a true catrina on the day of the dead.

For the most daring who seek to shine, luxury effect chandeliers
If what you are looking for this Halloween is to stand out and not leave anyone indifferent, this makeup is undoubtedly yours. Give all the prominence to your eyes by recreating these shiny spiders that you can combine with a Spider Woman costume to your liking, as well as with a total Black outfit.

The dark side of the Disney princesses

If you’ve adored the Disney princesses since you were a child, but you don’t want to give up terrorizing everyone you come across on Halloween, this type of makeup is the one for you. To recreate the most terrifying side of Ariel, get a redhead wig and shadows in purple tones, you just need to give it that touch of terror with details of wounds on your face. The best thing is that you can choose your favorite princess and bring out her darkest side.

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