At least five people have been injured early this Friday in a fire in a block of flats in Seville . The fire broke out around half past two at number 1 Candelario Street . The fire started in a flat on the first floor and then moved to the two upper floors, destroying the entire block. It is one of the most virulent fires that the Fire Department and the Police have faced in recent years in the Andalusian capital.
Among the injured are affected by burns and smoke inhalation. Five people were taken to the hospital, including three children .. So was a woman who was seriously injured after jumping from a second story trying to escape the flames.
As reported by the emergency services of the Seville City Council , there were two different times. At half past two in the morning there was a first intervention due to a fire in a flat, which was extinguished by the Fire Brigade without personal injury being reported. Local and national police and 061 health services also participated. The tenant of the house in which the fire broke out is a 62-year-old man.
Less than an hour later, at 3:25, a new outbreak was recorded in the same place. The neighbors alerted the emergency services again. This time it was a much more developed fire, with several people trapped on the upper floors.
The National Police was the first to arrive at the scene and was evacuating several of the residents, in addition to cordoning off the area so that no one could enter, while those trapped in the building were later rescued by the Firefighters. The entire block became covered in flames and smoke.
In the course of the evacuation, a woman fell from the second floor. He suffers an open ankle fracture. At first he was unconscious. She was treated and stabilized by the 061 health services, who recovered her vital signs and transferred her to the hospital.
Several houses were destroyed. A team from the Social Emergencies Unit (UMIES) of the Seville City Council traveled to the scene to provide social assistance to the affected families. Their intervention was not necessary when counting the evicted with family and neighborhood resources for their rehousing. The social services of the area will continue the assistance.
The police and fire operative withdrew from the place after six o’clock in the morning , once the intervention was over. The National Police has taken charge of the investigation to clarify the circumstances surrounding the start of both fires.

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