As a general rule, bedrooms are usually the smallest spaces in houses. Reserved for sleeping and little else, bedrooms always lose meters in favor of areas such as the living room (fundamentally) or the kitchen. Although there are always exceptions and we find homes with bedrooms of considerable size, the most common is that most of us have small bedrooms in a house . Also, there is always one that is really tiny and we never know what to do with it.
But, if we have learned something from decoration, it is that, when it comes to taking advantage of it and giving it personalityto a room, the least is its meters. We have managed to make a room seem larger and we have even managed to maintain the style of a room converted into a work space. Decoration always turns out to be key when it comes to transforming our house , giving it a new look or taking advantage of it despite the limitations. Therefore, facing a small bedroom is not a great effort if you have the necessary tools.
It is important to take into account key aspects, such as the importance of betting on minimalism. Despite what many think, decorating a bedroom advocating minimalism does not necessarily mean having to reduce the color to white. Neither the key is to paint the wall in that color nor is the trick that the visual elements are of that hue.
The type of bed, the bedside tables, the headboard or placing a rug to deceive the eye are some of the key aspects to take into account when decorating a small bedroom . Below we reveal five decoration ideas so that a small bedroom has the same (or more) personality than a large one. They are simple, but their results are spectacular .

The bed, better if it is low or with thin and small legs
In any bedroom, regardless of its size, the bed becomes the main element. It is a piece of furniture that already occupies a lot of space and that creates the sensation of a full occupation of the space. In our small bedroom we can play with the bed and try to reduce the visual impact it generates.
For this we must bet on a low bed (the tatami option is perfect) and one that has thin and small legs. By lowering the bed from our field of vision, we will be gaining a space that, although not real, will give us the sensation of greater amplitude .

A decorative element that is the center of attention
As a general rule, the bed is always the visual element with the greatest impact in a bedroom (small or large), so it will be very easy for us to make it the center of attention in the room . Although we can also bet on a striking floor lamp or an original headboard.
The idea is that when entering the bedroom the view goes naturally to that element and the rest goes unnoticed. To achieve this, it is also important that the rest of the decoration is discreet , minimalist and reduced.

Pictures or headboard, that is the question
Having a small bedroom implies having to choose between some decorative elements. We already warned at the beginning of the article, the decoration of this type of room must be minimalist. Having too many elements in a small room saturates it and further reduces its dimensions. For this reason, we have to decide between a headboard or placing pictures in our small room.

Because both elements usually have considerable proportions and would make our bedroom seem even smaller. Bet on an original headboard , that is, or to place pictures or sheets on some of the walls. You can also make your paintings a headboardand so you will not be left with the desire to have any of the two decorative elements.

Bedside tables should never be the protagonists

Bedside tables are, essentially, a functional element, but that does not mean we should give up making them an attractive decorative element. In the case of a small bedroom, we recommend betting on bedside tables that do not compete in prominence with the bed . That is to say, that the bedside tables are limited to complementing the main element of the room.
We can play with the tables and flee from the classic and conventional ones to bet on alternatives such as stools, a wooden box or some small piece of furniture whose original purpose was very different. It is important that you avoid cluttering the bedside tableof photos, books and other personal effects (we return to visual effects). A small lamp (vertical, to give a feeling of larger size), a photo frame (in neutral tones) and the book you are reading are more than enough.

Discreet, simple and monochromatic bedding

In the line of betting on minimalism with the idea of not cluttering the space is the idea of ​​using discreet, simple and monochromatic bedding. Even if you like the color and striking shades with original prints, it is preferable that you bet on them in another larger room in the house.
In the case of a small bedroom, we suggest playing with a white bedspread and combining it (with a blanket and cushions) in neutral and pastel tones. It is importantthe contrast but without exceeding it so as not to generate a visual effect that is too overloaded.

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