Twelve months later, the queen of the Cup remained the same: a goal from a free-kick by Leandro Cuzzolino with 2’50 ” from the end gave AcquaeSapone Unigross their second consecutive Italian Cup . Last year, the Abruzzese won in Pesaro; this time, however, it was the Italservice Pesaro that bowed down in an extraordinary PalaCattani .
Exceptional, the response from the public in Faenza: over 4,000 people filled the building on the final day of the event organized by the Five-a-side Football Divisionand sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Region (at PalaCattani, also the president Stefano Bonaccini) and with the collaboration of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Committee of the National Amateur League (president Paolo Braiati present) and the Youth and School Sector of the FIGC (at PalaCattani with the regional coordinator Massimiliano Rizzello). To reward the teams, the vice president of the National Amateur League Nuccio Caridi and, of course, the president of the Five-a-side Football Division Andrea Montemurro. The entire proceeds from the event were donated to the donation of a means of transport for the carrying out of the activity to the Faenza section of the ANMIC (National Association of the Mutilated and Invalid Civilians). The kick-off for the final was Francesco Messori, captain of the Italian amputee national team.
It was a very balanced final, the one between Italservice Pesaro and AcquaeSapone Unigross . When the epilogue to extra time seemed closer and closer, however, Leandro Cuzzolino’s punishment “pierced” the Pesaro barrier and slipped into Miarelli’s door , unleashing the joy of the many fans who arrived from Abruzzo. The final assault of Italservice was useless, however applauded by the 300 Marche supporters.In women’s Serie A, the triumph of Kick Off, the San Donato Milanese team, which had not won the Italian Cup since 2012. Riccardo Russo’s girls overwhelmed Lazio 10-2. In the Under 19, it was Roma who raised the trophy, thanks to a 4-2 win against the Fenice Veneziamestre.
For the Italian futsal it was a day of celebration: in the morning, the coach of the Italian national team, Alessio Musti, and the coach of ElPozo Murcia, Diego Giustozzi (world champion with Argentina at the World Cup in Colombia 2016) had met the coaches arrived from all over Italy in a Clinic on the theme of group management. An incredible success, with over 300 subscriptions.
The words of Andrea Montemurro, president of five-a-side football:
It was an exciting day, memorable with the men’s final between Italservice Pesaro and AcquaeSapone Unigross, followed at PalaCattani by over 4 thousand spectators and broadcast live on TV by Sky Sport Serie A with a production of an impressive quality level, this Cup Final Eight Itinerant Italy in Emilia-Romagna has found its absolute consecration. Congratulations to the two teams and congratulations to all the participants who confirmed that this event represents the central moment of Italian futsal. Thanks to the Emilia-Romagna region, to its president Stefano Bonaccini and to the city institutions of Faenza for their valuable contribution; and thanks also to FIGC, LND, the Youth and School Sector, to CR Emilia-Romagna and to the companies that have allowed this event to succeed in the area. Now we start again towards new goals

MEN’S SERIES A | FINAL (in the links, news and match report)
OF GOLD 1985-86 Circolo Canottieri Aniene, 1986-87 Circolo Canottieri Aniene, 1987-88 Eur Olimpia Rome, 1988-89 Rome RCB, 1989- 90 Rome RCB, 1990-91 Torrino, 1991-92 Torrino, 1992-93 Torrino, 1993-94 Torrino, 1994-95 Torrino, 1995-96 ITCA Turin, 1996-97 ITCA Turin, 1997-98 Lazio, 1998-99 Lazio , 1999-00 Intercart Genzano, 2000-01 Augusta, 2001-02 Prato, 2002-03 Lazio
Final Eight: 2003-04 Prato, 2004-05 Nepi, 2005-06 Luparense, 2006-07 Montesilvano, 2007-08 Luparense, 2008-09 Arzignano Grifo, 2009-10 Marca Futsal, 2010-11 Lazio, 2011-12 Asti, 2012- 13 Alter Ego Luparense, 2013-14 Acqua & Sapone Emmegross, 2014-15 Asti, 2015-16 Pescara, 2016-17 Pescara, 2017-2018 AcquaeSapone Unigross, 2018-19 AcquaeSapone Unigross FEMALE SERIES | FINAL (in the link, chronicle and table)

ALBO D’ORO (from 2011-12 Serie A) 2000-01 Acli Lazio, 2001-02 Not played, 2002-03 As Roma 2000, 2003-04 Sc Due Ponti Roma, 2004-05 Sc Due Ponti Roma, 2005-06 Virtus Roma 5-a-side football, 2006-07 Imolese Youth, 2007-08 Real Statte, 2008-09 Real Statte, 2009-10 Sporting Torrino, 2010-11 Real Statte, 2011-12 Kick Off Milan, 2012-13 Sinnai, 2013-14 Lazio Bcc Rome, 2014-15 Italcave Real Statte, 2015-16 Isolotto Firenze, 2016-17 Olimpus Key Partner Rome, 2017-18 Montesilvano, 2018-19 Kick Off

UNDER 19 MEN | FINAL (in the link, news and match report)
OF GOLD (until 2016-17 Under 21) 2000-01 Pescara, 2001-02 Augusta, 2002-03 San Paolo Pisa, 2003-04 BNL Rome, 2004-05 Arzignano, 2005-06 CLT Terni, 2006-07 CLT Terni, 2007-08 CLT Terni, 2008-09 Bisceglie, 2009-10 Kaos, 2010-11 LCF Martina, 2011-12 Kaos, 2012-13 Asti, 2013-14 Kaos, 2014-15 Lazio, 2015-16 Aosta, 2016-17 Pescara, 2017-18 Maritime Augusta, 2018-19 Rome
Source: 5-a-side football division press release

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