There are those who love it and those who just can’t stand it: training , however, is essential to live well and feel fit. Not only an aesthetic question , but rather, more important is that related to health and it is known that physical activity is necessary . But between daily commitments, work, children and passions, it is often an activity left in the background, also thanks to laziness.
Today there are no more excuses and the gym and training become truly for everyone . For some years, in fact, we have been talking about Fast Fitness , a revolution in this field that allows you to optimize results, minimizing time. In fact, with a session in a specialized center, just 20 minutes are enough , which is equivalent to a traditional 4-hour workout . Therefore, 1-2 sessions a week are enough, 40 minutes therefore, to regain the much desired physical shape, maintain the results obtained and immediately feel healthier.
Source: Fit and Go @fitngofleming What Fast Fitness is Fast Fitness is a technology that usually uses two different types of treatments, EMS and Vacufit . The first is a real intense workout carried out with the use of electromyostimulation . One is worn over one’s sportswearsuit connected to electrodes in turn connected to a machine that sends electrical impulses . At the same time functional exercises are performed , so that the muscle is deeply stimulated, increasing its natural contraction .
Source: Fit and Go
The treatment is performed together with a personal trainer with whom you can monitor the results and create a personalized workout according to your needs and all the exercises are total body and performed free body . It is suitable for practically everyone, both for those who have been inactive for a long time , for those who lead a sedentary life, for those who wanttone up or lose weight . Not only that, it is also indicated as postpartum training , for those suffering from back pain or to recover from an injury .
Source: Fit and Go
The Vacufit or Vacugym , on the other hand, is a treadmill closed inside a machine that at the same time performs a vacuum , thus making walking or running much more intense . The vacuum effect improves circulation , which is recalled to the surface, for a toning effect on the legs, abdomen and buttocks. At the same time, infrared lamps increase the temperaturebringing it to 70 °, thus favoring lymphatic drainage and raising the metabolism , for an enhanced fat burning effect . Therefore it helps not only to burn calories and train at high intensity , but also the microcirculation by fighting the stagnation of liquids , water retention and cellulite. Also in this case, minimum expenditure of time and maximum yield, because 30 minutes 1 or 2 times a week are enough . Both treatments can then be combinedfor an overall training effect that, together with proper nutrition, will make you lose weight quickly or help build muscle. Then, if you add aesthetic treatments such as massages, pressotherapy, lipolaser and application of treatments even at home, as maintenance, the results are guaranteed in a short time. It is possible to lose several centimeters as well as liquids, for a more toned and compact skin appearance, a visible slimming and a real remodeling.

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