Almost 200 fires in a week are affecting Turkey , whose governance has partially reacted with its belly, amid rumors of malicious outbreaks set by international arsonists and decisions sui generis by Erdogan . For the first time he did not have the military intervene to rescue the firefighters for fear of an advance on the territories. Even the Sozcu newspaper said the fires were caused by pine trees planted by the Americans as part of the Marshall Plan to trap Turkey. The bizarre accusation then went viral on social media, while experts talk about the extreme heat wave hitting the southern part of the country mixed with climate change. DISINFORMATICS
Disinformation is playing a primary role. The pro-government media have not used the yardstick of prudence and have given space to these theses. On Sabah it was written that Turkey suspects that the fires may be linked to the malicious action of the terrorist group PKK.
The allegations were based on various social media posts, including a tweet from a group called “fire children” (atesin cocuklari) and a video in which a masked man read a statement claiming that they will take revenge on military operations against the PKK. “By setting fire to fascist cities, houses, businesses and cars”. The investigation site has in vain denied the allegations, revealing that the video is from two years ago.
The TRT network, while the fire in Antalyawas still on fire, he published an article stating that the fire had been successfully extinguished. As a result, the next day, an angry mob attacked the channel crew and beat one of the reporters. In addition, armed groups have set up checkpoints in various parts of Antalya province, with other rumors of accusations against the PKK, the Stockholm Freedom Center reported , citing Turkish media.
Academics who have attempted to explain the scientific link between fire, global warming and record temperatures have been accused on social media of wanting to exonerate arsonists, such as PKK militants. DOUBTS
The government ended up in the eye of the storm for reacting late, as claimed by members of the People’s Republican Party (CHP), as the forest fire in the Milas area of ​​southern Turkey spread into the interior of Turkey. thermal power plant. To date, the toll speaks of eight deaths and thousands of displaced persons.
Doubts about the state of things were expressed by Baris Yarkadas,journalist and former member of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), according to which the Turkish military has always rushed to the aid of the nation, during earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters. This time, you wrote, AKP and MHP do not allow soldiers to leave the barracks, because they fear the additional prestige that the Turkish armed forces will gain if they take the field. “Troops from Azerbaijan came to put out the fires, while Turkish soldiers watched helplessly at the burning forests.”
Former Ankara Mayor Melik Gokcek posted a video on Twitter featuring an image of a drone setting fire to a forest area, which was later deleted after police released a statement claiming that the video was taken from a fantasy movie. PARANOIA
Even some soldiers are circulating the rumor that the PKK is collaborating with Greece to start fires in Turkey, just as Greece itself is grappling with other very serious fires in Evia , Varivombi and even at the gates of the archaeological site of Olympia. “Greece, too, – wrote the TRT – where some PKK terrorists were trained, had its part in the deliberate fires of the PKK, as the group set fire to the forests that attract Turkish tourists, according to a report leaked by the PKK. Turkish intelligence “.
Among the various theses, that of Hilal Kaplan stands out, a Turkish journalist who was appointed to the board of directors of state broadcaster TRT last month, said the fires could be used as a pretext for an attempted military coup. In the Sabah Pelikanci newspaper she wrote: “When I wrote about the possibility of a coup d’etat four months before July 15, 2016, I was accused of paranoia. But there is a strange movement, she is up to me to say it … ”And she concluded by writing:“ We are ready ”.
In contrast, Erdogan was attacked on social media after he threw tea bags at crowds while visiting one of the affected regions. And as the fire engulfed the country, the government sent more planes to northern Iraq to hit 40 PKK targets. SCENARIOS
The fact that the reshuffling of relations and changing alliances between the Mediterranean and the Middle East is provoking some diplomatic reactions among super players represents an objectivity. Regional powers such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Egypt are recalibrating their external strategies, restoring relations on the one hand with a view to broadly divisive issues and on the other with the external ambitions of the US, Russia and China. So Ankara’s hyper sensitivity to every jolt, combined with the decline in popularity accused by Erdogan, is mixed in this case with the strong tensions that exist in the country between the government, the military and the opposition, with conspiracy theories constantly growing. All this is fueled by the lack of reliable and independent media. As in the summer of 2016.

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