The famous little angels , the colors, the shops that were not just a place to buy clothes, but real haunts: Fiorucci told of an era, indeed perhaps he also shaped it a bit, and in the seventies – eighties and been a must have brand . Fiorucci still shines today, with a shop in London. The angels
They say Fiorucci, they read angels: the symbol of the fashion house , which over the years has become a real element to show off on t-shirts, hats, accessories. A brand that also becomes an emblem of the fashion idea of ​​its founder, made of lightness and beauty. Fashion
Fashion flows in the blood of the Fiorucci family, Elio started living this world from an early age, collaborating first with his father and then with his own business. In 1970 he started his production of clothes, especially jeans . And precisely with regard to his iconic trousers, which accompany the female figure, it is said that the idea was born when the designer saw a group of women wearing jeans come out of the water. For all Elio Fiorucci was the stylist who told the story of pop fashion .
The Fiorucci stores has given birth to a new shop idea: no longer just as a place to buy clothes, but a space where you can meet, get to know and admire other things: furnishing objects, gadgets, artists. His stores were places of meeting, exchange and culture . VIPs
Over the years Fiorucci has also been a very popular brand for VIPs , including artists in this term. First of all Andy Warhol who frequented the shop in New York, and then Madonna who, still little known, performed at a party for her 15th anniversary. Without forgetting the artist Keith Haring who had decorated the walls of the Milanese shop. Among the other Fiorucci admirers also Bianca Jagger and Grace Jones. The life of the brandAfter a period of incredible success, the company experienced a period of financial difficulty
in the late 1980s . It was first taken over by the Tacchella brothers of Carrera Jeans and then by the Japanese company Edwin International. Elio Fiorucci has continued to take care of the brand line and also giving life to new ideas. After a new change of ownership in 2014 and then the designer’s death in 2015 at the age of 80, Fiorucci was acquired by a new company, which from 2017 relaunched the brand and opened a store in London.
Caro Elio and the book that tells the stylist and his conception of fashion, edited by Franco Marabelli and released for Rizzoli, moreover Fiorucci was also among the protagonists of the last episode of the Made in Italy series. Testimonies of his greatness, because Fiorucci was the symbol of an era, of its change and its culture.
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